Riviera 2012 | Quiz Schedule

Riviera 2012 and Jamboree present you ‘Pansophy’ – a two day Quiz Festival during Riviera, with BBC Knowledge.
There are five quizzes as part of Pansophy and open to all college students. The quizzes shall be held on the 4th and 5th of February
(Saturday and Sunday). Total cash prize of INR 50,000 and BBC Knowledge magazines + vouchers to be won.
The description of five quizzes and their itinerary is as follows :
On 4th Feb (Saturday):
1. SpEnt Quiz :
As the name suggests this quiz consists of Sports and Entertainment related topics.
2. Buzzer Quiz
This quiz is to quizzing what T20 is to cricket: short, entertaining and fast paced quiz. It tests your knowledge and your ability to answer
the questions fast. The prelims will be a written round with 40 questions, which you have to answer in 40 minutes.
The 6 highest scoring teams will be selected for the finals which will ebtirely be on buzzer.
2 in a team.
3. Riviera Main Quiz
Riviera Main Quiz is one of the most anticipated college quizzes across the country. The quiz covers almost all the topics from
Philosophy to Politics and from Sports to Sunny Leone. So come and compete against some of the best minds in the country, for the
winners shall leave with riches unheard of.
One of the must-attend events at Riviera.
4.L33T Quiz (Gaming Quiz)
Over the last few years video games have become a large part of our culture with games like Call of Duty having the biggest opening day
release in whole of entertainment industry, several movies being made based on Video games, and phones being dominated by likes of
angry birds. The VIT Quiz Club takes this opportunity to host a quiz on video games and the video game culture.
Teams of 2.
5.Online Quiz
A series of 2 online quizzes in the run up to the Riviera quizzes wherein you can do anything in the world (except bribing the organisers) to
get the answer. And if you haven’t found the answer, you haven’t searched enough.
The two sets will be uploaded on www.vitriviera.com on 26th and 29th Jan and their respective dates of answer submission are 29th Jan and Feb 1st.
Cross college teaming is allowed and on the spot registrations are accepted. Venue for all the quizzes is Gallery 2, VIT University
For further details contact :
Tarun Ruchandani : +919159805911
Omkar Kamalapur : +919952113853
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