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The most important reason

Quizzers are the most inquizzitive and curious souls and will undoubtedly check anything new or interesting and as Quintessential Theory is a one stop shop for all quizzing info, it is the most sought after blog by thousands of quizzers across the country.

In times of recession, it is not how much you spend on Advertising but where you spend that matters. Make your advertising count by advertising on Quintessential Theory

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  • I write at least 1 special thank you postscript to all Advertisers every month.
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Find inline this site’s stats.

Statistical Information for October 2008 :

Google PageRank: 5
Traffic : 30 ,000 absolutely intellectual souls



The statistics above reiterate the fact that Quintessential Theory is not just growing but growing exponentially


More Astounding facts?

Quintessential Theory is the first result (google) for popular quiz searches including

  • TCS IT Wiz 2008

  • AIMA NMQ 2008

  • Aqua Regia Quiz 2008

  • Brand Equity Quiz 2008

  • Landmark Quiz Bangalore 2008

  • and other popular B-School Quizzes including Micanvas quiz, Kwizkraft etc

Here are your advertising options:

1. Text Ads ( Please contact us for information on rates)

You can put text up to 25 words. You will get so much exposure from over 29000 hits a month

2. Customized (Sponsored) Quizzes ( Rs 1000/quiz)

We can design a completely customized quiz or just have a product sponsored quiz on Quintessential Theory. This would give your brand a permanent post and a well positioned ad.

3. Review Posts ( Rs 2000/ review)

We will write a review about your website or your product with at least 400 words. Your website / product review will be read by our 29,000 monthly visitors.

4. Get Quintessential Theory to design for your blog/site (Rates dependant on type of site)

View some previous works – ,

5. Ads on Quizkrieg (Rs 2000/month)

Every ‘Rohit Nair’ or ‘Team Quizkrieg’ post will carry your advertisement to our over 4000 unique members on Quizkrieg and we promise a minimum of 6 posts every month


How does it Work?

1. Quantity discount is available for all ad options

2. You can put anything there, as long as it contains no porn, hate or other stuffs that are just immoral.

3. If you are interested to advertise here on our site, please send your order to my email- ( mail [at] rohitnair [dot] in ) or [dot] s [nair] [at] gmail [dot] com

4. Your order will be processed after I receive notification from paypal about your payment. Cash/DD and net banking options also available

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