Symbhav '12 | 5 Quizzes

The Symbiosis Law School Quiz Club with the support of its alumni will be organizing a set of 5 quizzes as part of its Cultural fest- Symbhav’12!

Attractive prizes to be won. Be part of the Quizzing Extravaganza!

The quizzes are as follows –

1) Bharat Ek Khoj – India Quiz

Date – 24 February 2012 (Friday)

Venue –SLS Classrooms

Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 10:00 am till 01:00 pm


2) Jigyasa – General Quiz

Date – 24 February 2012 (Friday)

Venue – SLS Auditorium

Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 03:30 pm till 6:30 pm


3) Shantanu Tomar Memorial Quiz on Law, Politics, Economics and International Affairs

Date – 25 February 2012

Venue – SLS Classroom

Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 10:30 am till 1:30 pm


4) Quizzine – Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts, and Sports (MELAS) Quiz

Date – 25 February 2012

Venue – SLS Classroom

Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 03:00 pm till 6:00 pm




1st – Rs. 7,000

2nd – Rs. 5,000

3rd – Rs. 3,000

4th-6th – Vouchers and other attractive coupons.

(Prizes are subject to change upon finalization.)


Rules and Regulations for the above mentioned four Quizzes–

• Two Members per Team (Open to COLLEGES and SCHOOLS only)

• On the Spot-Registration

• Cross- College Teams Allowed

• Top Six Teams in the Finals


5) Biz Ipsa Loquitor – College and Corporate Tech-Business Quiz

Date – 26 February 2012

Venue – SLS Auditorium

Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 12:30 pm till 2:30 pm



1st – Rs. 20,000

2nd – Rs. 10,000

3rd – Rs. 5,000

4th – 6th places – Rs 1,000

(Prizes are subject to change upon finalization.)


Rules and Regulations –

• Two Members per Team (College and Corporate Teams Allowed)

• On the Spot Registration

• Cross- College and Cross-Corporate Teams Allowed (A College-Corporate Team Would be Considered a Corporate Team for the Qualification Purposes)

• Top 3 College Teams and Top 3 Corporate Teams Make it to the Finals


For Specific Queries, Please Contact-

Raghav Chakravarthy N.C (+91 98608 95846)

Sachin Ravi (+91 99700 30327)

Shruttima Ehersa (+91 97626 89557)


Visit for more details and also visit Cheers!


Tata Crucible Questions – Jamshedpur Campus 2012

Tata Crucible Questions 2012- Jamshedpur Campus

Krishan Kumar from Jamshedpur reviews the Jamshedpur Tata Crucible Campus 2012

The 2012 Campus Edition of the Tata Crucible Quiz kicked off in Jamshedpur with around 90 teams participating in the prelims. The top 4 teams were selected directly from the prelims while the 5th and 6th team were selected from the Wild Card entry. XLRI had a monopolistic rule here as all 6 teams were from the same college and only two teams could go through to the Regional final.

The Wild Card questions were basically content asked in the previous editions’ Tata Crucible Questions

After the prelims and wild card questions, the Top six teams on stage were:

1 Chinmay  and  Sanchit  from  XLRI

2 Partha  and  Abhishek  from  NIT  ROURKELA

3 Debjit Roy and Pranshu from BIT MESRA

4 Ankit  and Deepanjan from  XLRI

5 Sumit  and  Deepak  from NIT JAMSHEDPUR

6 Mrityunjay  and Ulaganath from XLRI

In the end, Ankit & Deepanjan from XLRI won the Jamshedpur Edition of the Tata Crucible Campus 2012 with a huge margin while a question on Dimple Kapadia decided the tiebreaker between XLRI team 2 and BIT Mesra which was won by Mrityunjan & Ulag from XLRI..

Below find the prelims questions and some of the questions asked in the finals

We will update the Crucible winners and Tata Crucible Questions from various cities here, so don’t forget to bookmark this link

But for now,

Tata Crucible Questions from Jamshedpur Campus 2012

1. What  term  was  popularized  by  an  Intel  lawyer   to  define   companies    who  were trying  to “make  a   lot  of  money  off a patent  that  they  were  not  practicing “  and  had  no  intention  of  practicing  in future as well. Ans: PAYROLL from Patentroll

2. Ho Re Ca is a market segment in a certain industry. What does the term Ho Re Ca stand  for? Ans:  HOTELS  RESTAURANTS  AND  CATERING

3. Visual of a management guru.


4. Which  Indian  businessman  founded  the  venture  capital   firm INVESTMENT CORPORATION  OF  INDIA in  1937? Ans: JRD TATA

5. Which  Pepsico  brand’s logo  bears  a face   that  is  believed   to  have  a similarity  to  Benjamin  franklin? Ans: QUAKEROATS

6. What  began  as  a toy  balloon manufacturing unit  from  a  small  shed  in Tiruvolluyur, an  industrial  suburb  north  of  Chennai  in  1946? Ans: MRF


8. What does I in CIVETS  STAND  FOR? Ans: INDONESIA

9. Which  Indian  airline  would  you  associate  the  frequent  flyer programme “ flying  returns”? Ans: AIRINDIA

10. The  initial  idea  to  set  up  this  bank  was floated  in 1870  by Adelbert Delbuick and Ludwig Bamberger.. Which bank? Ans:DEUTSHE BANK

11. This  French  company  dropped  the  alphabet  h  from its  name  in  2007   in  certain languages as  x  followed  by  h  was  difficult   to  pronounce.. Which firm? Ans: SODEXO

12. Who holds   the copyright for   “an  inconvenient  truth”? Ans: Al Gore

13. What was  formed  in  1971    as  European  Management  Forum? Ans: WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM

14. How  do we  know “the  hyperintelligent , superconnected  pack  of  serial  entrepreneurs “ who  left  Paypal  after  its  initial  days  and  are   now  a powerful  group  in  the  Silicon Valley? Ans: PAYPAL MAFIA

15. Which  company’s  secret  formula  would  you  associate  with   the Stepan  company? Ans: COCA COLA

16. Identify the  media  giant

17. with  which  shoe  company  would  you  associate  the  city  Zlin? Ans: Bata

18. In  keeping  with   the  global  philosophy  of   continuos  development  of  community ,   this  company  in  association  with  SONY  ENT  TELEVISION   launched  its  education    programe SHIKSHA? Ans: PROCTOR & GAMBLE

19. With which  brand  would  you  associate Maryland  born Edmund Mcllenny? Ans: TABASCO

20. visual  of  Gary  Kasparov  playing  chess with  a computer.. Name the firm  and  the  computer? IBM N DEEP BLUE

Tata Crucible Questions Jamshedpur Wild Card

1.Namhu  odaya and Kusakahora  founded which  company
Ans: Hitachi

2. Who  owns  the  brand  Duracell?
Ans: Proctor & Gamble

3. With  which  group would  you associate  Rajvillas?

4.Josephin Dixon in  1921  invented  what    for  his  wife  who  had  regular  cuts  and  burns  in  the  kitchen?

5. Ambipure  is  owned   by  whom?


Tata Crucible Questions from Jamshedpur Finals

The finals consisted of  five  rounds. All rounds  had  simple  scorings without  the  previous edition  hassles  of  Powerplays and  other  such stuff.

‘PICKBRAIN mentioned  that   it   was  the  insistence  of  the  students  from   their   feedback   forms  that  had   forced  them  to  keep  things simple’ and as we read it – ‘It Just dint work!!’.

The  rounds  were  as  follows

1. SMARTER WORLD ROUND: +10 for direct and pass; No negatives – Dry Questions

2. SHARPER WORLD ROUND: +10 for direct and pass – Mainly Image questions

3. TATA WORLD: 4 questions about the Tatas

4. LATERAL WORLD: World famous Connect round!

5. FASTER WORLD: 3 clue round with +15, +10, +5 and same negatives!

Some of the Questions from the Finals are inline:

1.This as created in 1982 in new delhi and was inaugurated by Mr Rajeev Gandhi in was a multicrore brand and was shut a few years ago..identify this symbolic representation of india



2. The darpa project funded a project ADAPTIVE DATA RETRIEVAL and this led to CALO. How is CALO better known in india?



3.ROHIT SURFACTANTS started off with humble beginnings. today it holds a 2400 crore conglomerate business..which is its most famous product



4.What was started in 1918 by WALTER when he asked for 12 ford model T ‘s IN EUROPE?



5. Which Indian company sued suhel seth for dematory tweets against it?



6.Who is defined by THE UNIVERSAL EXPORTS COMPANY as their most n proficient field leg

ANS: JAMES BOND (universal exports is a fictional co)


Definitely clear that a lot of content is from the past Pickbrain/ Crucible archives and we strongly believe that you will do well if you dig into the previous years’ Crucible quizzes and some Current Affairs!!

So, don’t forget to go through the archives and Be Prepared for the next quiz! 

If you are participating in any other cities, we’re sure these questions will give you a heads up on the preparation required.

For those who want to have a look at the previous years’ questions, follow the links below

The format of Tata Crucible Questions  has been simple throughout – a mixture of current affairs dry questions, visuals, heads of companies, trivia from old sites/blogs/quiz groups.

A thorough read through previous editions’ Tata Crucible Questions will definitely give participants a good direction to prepare for their city finals.

And if you are not looking just for Tata Crucible questions but a good guide to Prepare for Tata Crucible and other business quizzes, you must read the 20,000+ downloads famous –A Definitive guide to prepare for Tata Crucible

You can attempt Tata Crucible Questions from the Student Edition 2011 on a brand new customized platform. Dont just read, PARTICIPATE!

TATA CRUCIBLE QUESTIONS from the previous years

Vivacity 2012 | Jaipur's biggest Quizzing Season

Jaipur’s biggest Quizzing season is back again..!!

The LNMIIT Quiz Club is coming up with 4 frontline quizzing events this Vivacity 2012.Following the tremendous success of the event last year, we plan to make this year’s edition Bigger & Better.The set of Four quizzes spread during 3 days from Feb17-19th will see the best of quizzers competing for cash and glory.

Business Quiz          (Feb 18th)            –    11A.M – 02 PM
India Quiz
                  (Feb 18th)            –    03PM  – 06 PM
Tech & Auto Quiz
      (Feb 19th)           –    03PM  – 06 PM
Entertainment Quiz  (Feb 17th)
            –    03PM  – 06 PM
Online Business Quiz  (Feb 10th-18th)        –    24hrs live

Online Quiz link (You can even attempt the missed out quizzes once you sign-up)
Website link

* On the Spot Registrations
* Team of 2 members for all the quizzes
* Cross college teams,Corporate teams(Only for Business Quiz) allowed
* Free Registrations

Follow us on FB :

For any queries,details:
contact- Dheeraj -91- 9413403773

ExQuiZite | Chrysalis 2012

Loyola Institute of Business Administration(LIBA),Chennai proudly presents Exquizite 2012.This edition of Exquizite is hosted by Mr.Gautam Bose,CEO,Greycells.Exquizite is open to teams from both B-School and Corporate world.First prize is Rs.40000.Second prize – Rs.20000.Register your team by sending your team details to . For further information visit

Mindsnare| Incandescence 2012

Date: 22nd and 23rd February 2012

Host & Venue: NIT, Silchar

Quizmaster: Gautam Bose

More details: Himanshu – 9854438711

Sphinx's Lair | General Quiz

A general cum biz quiz at NMIMS, Mumbai on this Sunday ,19th February, 2012.

The quiz master is a NMIMS alumnus and a BQC member, Souvik Basu. For more details check below.

Sphinx’s Lair – A General Quiz
Conducted by the renowned quiz master from Bombay Quiz Club: Souvik Basu !!

Rules –

For more details, contact
Mithil Mehta: 9833566166
Rudranil Ghosh: 9167342569

Does Grey Matter | Kritansh '12

Quiz Master: Mr Dhananjay Shettigar

Date: 15th February 2012

Venue: Campus 6 Auditorium, KIIT.

Time: General Quiz – 10 AM to 2 PM; Biz Quiz: 4.30 PM

Registration: On the spot; starts from 10 AM.




GENERAL QUIZ:- Includes questions from almost all the spheres viz current affairs, history, arts,movies, foods, sports,music, etymology, literature,politics.


BIZ QUIZ :- Includes exciting questions exclusively from the fields of business and technology. Thus here you may find questions on recent technological advancements, merger and acquisitions brand trivia, corporate history etc.



For General & Business Quiz

1st prize: Rs. 12,000 ; 2nd prize: Rs. 8,000 ; 3rd prize: Rs. 5,000

Final rules and regulations:

1) There will be two quizzes: General Quiz followed by a Biz Quiz.

2) Team size should be of 3.

3) General Quiz would be open for all whereas for Biz Quiz only students (school/college) would be eligible.

4) There will be an on spot registration of teams for both quizzes. There will be no registration fee but only those who have registered for Kritansh would be allowed to participate. Registration slips of Kritansh for outsiders and I-Card for KIIT students will be mandatory for registration. For Biz quiz I-card of each and every participant would be mandatory. We won’t allow any registration until and unless I-card of EACH member of a team is produced at the registration desk.

5) Cross Teams would be allowed for general quiz only.

6) Only 2 top teams from a college can qualify for the mains round in Biz Quiz.

7) Quiz would be of following format: written eliminating prelims followed by Mains.

Rules would be strictly followed.

details :

Landmark Quiz | Delhi 2012

Landmark Quiz Delhi 2012 Details

Date: 18th February 2012

Venue: Kamani Auditorium, No 1 Copernicus Marg, New Delhi – 1

Team of 3

You can find questions from the previous editions of the Landmark Quiz here

More details :

Interrogante 2012 – The Open Business Quiz

Christ University Institute of Management (CUIM) presents Interrogante 2012The Open Business Quiz on March 10, 2012.
Request that you please register for the quiz without fail (this is to ensure organizers are able to plan for refreshments). Email
Details below:
– Date – March 10, 2012, Saturday
– Teams of 2 (Cross Team allowed, Open Quiz)
– Venue- Christ University Auditorium (Near Dairy Circle)
– Timings – Regn at 10AM, Prelims at 10:45AM, Lunch for all corporates followed by finals
– Prizes (Total Cash Prize 1.23 Lakhs)
First place- INR 60,000/-
Second place- INR 30,000/-
Third place- INR 15,000/-
Fourth place- INR 10,000/-
Fifth place- INR 5,000/-
Sixth place- INR 3,000/-
So All Finalists get a prize!
– Quizmaster – Mitesh Agarwal
 For further details please contact Ranjith – +917259277376 (

WizBiz 2012 | Goa Institute of Management

Goa Institute of Management proudly presents its annual Corporate Quiz ‘WIZBIZ 2012’to be held on 25th of February at G.I.M, Sanquelim. This is the twelfth chapter of the legacy event and would be conducted by the renowned quizmaster Mr Avinash Mudaliar.

Building upon the success of WIZBIZ 2011, we expect a record turnout of teams from some of the best and most prestigious corporations of the country. Prizes worth over Rs 1,50,000 will be on offer!

Participation Details:

Teams of two members each

More than one team per company allowed

Cross company teams also allowed

Registration fees*: Rs. 1,000 per team (before the event)

Registration fees*: Rs. 1,200 per team (on the day of the event)

*Registration fees are inclusive of high tea and cocktail dinner

*No registration fees for TATA Crucible and Brand Equity regional winners and national finalist

Contact us:

Akshat Madan – 08390901961

Shawn Menezes – 09850458955

Website :

Facebook :

Brain-Teaser ’12 – A General Quiz.

What: Endeavor Presents Brain-Teaser ’12 – A General Quiz.

When: 11th February ‘2012. 1:30  PM Onwards.

Who: Teams of 2 (Open to College Students Only, 50 Rs. Entry Fees.)

Where: Vidyani School, Sama, Vadodara.

The NSIT Quiz Fest 2012


The NSIT Quiz Club brings to you the NSIT Quiz Fest 2012, the fourth edition of our annual quizzing extravaganza. Following the tremendous success of the event last year, we plan to make this year’s edition Bigger, Better and, well, Bulkier (on the pocket).
The three-day event will be conducted during 10-12th of February 2012 and will see the best of quizzers competing for prize and pride.
And as every year, this year too, we promise you cash prizes in hand, on the spot.
There will be a total of 11 quizzes spread over the three days – 5 Main quizzes (Prelims+Finals) and 6 Filler Quizzes (Written). The final day of the event i.e 12th February will be an Open Day. We invite teams of two for all quizzes on all days.

The itinerary looks somewhat like this:

Venue : The Mini Auditorium

Day 1, Friday, 10th February 2012:
14:30 PM – The SciTech Quiz
15:30 PM – The Sports Quiz Prelims
16:30 PM – The Music Quiz
17:30 PM – The Sports Quiz Finals

Day 2, Saturday, 11th February 2012:
10:00 AM – The Business Quiz Prelims
11:00 AM – The Comics and Cartoons Quiz
12:00 PM – The Business Quiz Finals
14:00 PM – Lunch Break
14:30 PM – The India Quiz Prelims
15:30 PM – The LSD Quiz – On everything bad, and worse.
16:30 PM – The India Quiz Finals

Sunday, 12th February 2012:
10:00 AM – The MELA (Music Ent Lit Art) Quiz Prelims
11:00 AM – The Travel and Living Quiz
12:00 PM – The MELA Quiz Finals
14:00 PM – Lunch Break
14:30 PM – The General Quiz Prelims
15:30 PM – The Feminism Quiz – On one of God’s gifts to mankind.
16:30 PM – The General Quiz Finals

Rules and Regulations:
1. Except for the Open Day i.e 12th February where anyone can join in, all other quizzes are only open to college (graduate and post-graduate) and school students.
3. There are 5 Main Quizzes. They will be in the normal “Prelims+Finals” format.
4. There are 6 Filler Quizzes. 25-30 questions each. All written.
5. Cross-college/school teams are allowed.
6. Each participant should have his/her school/college ID card at the time of the quizzes. On the Open Day however, just showing your face would do.

Also as a run-up to the event, we will conduct an Online Quiz series on the NSIT Quiz Club Blog – starting from the 5th of February to the 9th of February. Details of the same will be posted soon.

Other relevant details will be put soon on The NSIT Quiz Fest 2012 Facebook Event Page –
In case of any queries, you can either post on our Facebook page : , or contact 9910665954.

Quizzes at Silhouttes| AFMC-Pune

The Debating & Quizzing Society,AFMC presents a series of 4 quizzes-

(2 open & 2 college quizzes) on the 19th-20th Feb as part of its annual

19th Feb,SUNDAY

Flavour-OPEN sports quiz
QM: MAJOR Chandrakant Nair
Time:9:45 am

–>The SHYAM BHATT memorial QUIZ
Flavour-OPEN general Quiz
QM:MAJOR Chandrakant Nair
Time:2:00 pm
Prizes:7000|5000|3000|best college team|best school team|vouchers

20th Feb,MONDAY

Flavour- all things Indian
QM: Hitesh Mahato
College only quiz,cross-college/PG teams allowed
Time-9:45 a.m.

Quiz set & conducted by:The team of(Kshitij Jyoti,Saikat Sarkar ,
Mridul Janweja,kamesh gupta)
College only quiz,cross-college/PG teams allowed
Time-2:00 p.m.

VENUE for all quizzes:NEW LECTURE HALL complex(NLH),AFMC
(REG FEES:OPEN teams=100,College teams=50,School teams=nil)

Croma Tech Grand Masters | Season – 2

Croma Tech Grand Masters, Season – 2

After an incredible first season, NDTV Good Times in partnership with Big Synergy are back with the second season of their trailblazing quiz show on technology, The Croma Tech Grand Masters.

Your knowledge will be tested yet again on the latest gadgets, path breaking innovations and landmarks in the world of technology.

If you think you did not get enough of technology and quizzing to make your tech-savvy self, content – then here’s your chance.

As in the previous edition, the show will provide a platform to all the techies between the age group of 16-40 years to test their tech quotient.

An all India preliminary test followed by a screening of video capsules sent to us by your team, will decide the 32 qualifying teams for the television rounds.

Every week, the show will see teams from schools, colleges and corporates battling it out, over grueling rounds of questioning by none other than the Tech Guru himself – Rajiv Makhni.

So stake your claim to be India’s next Croma Tech Grand Masters!

Call for entries close on 24th February, 2012.

Tatva Online General Quiz

The Tatva ’12 Online Quiz is a precursor to the Tatva Business Quiz to be held on 9th February 2012 at LBSIM, Delhi.
Open to All.
This quiz will be open from 06th February 2012 10 pm (open till 9th February 6 am)
Time limit : 10 mins for 15 questions
For more details, pls contact Anuj : +91-9582055105

Q'Senate Challenge Open Quiz 2012 | Quiz Info

Q’Senate Challenge Open Quiz 2012

There is no discrimination for this battle of brains.
Anyone can participate except the Quiz Master .

There will be two quizzes

BRAINRAID – General Quiz

QM: Viswas Viswam

RETURN ACE – Sports quiz

QM: Akhil R Nair & Varun Sasidharan

Prize money worth Rs.30000

Special prizes for school teams and lady quizzers

Venue: Saintgits college of Engineering, Kottayam,kerala
Date: Feb 4, 2012
Time of Registration : 8.30 am onwards
Time of commencement of quiz: 10.30 am onwards….

Akhil R Nair : 9847904585
Varun: 8893133449
Jerrin: 8891905904

Further details will be updated in

We request everyone to register online so that we can have an estimated number of participants.

PDPU Open Quiz 2012

Mind Ripple, the official quiz club of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University is proud to present PDPU OPEN QUIZ 2012 to be held on 5th Feb at PDPU, Gandhinagar. The quiz will be conducted by Mr Kunal Savarkar. All school students, college students (UG and PG), corporates as well as general public is invited for the quiz. Prizes worth more than Rs 25,000/- will be on offer, with special prizes for the Best School team as well as the Best Female Team.

Registrations can be done in teams of 2 by sending a mail to On the spot registration can also be done.
Date  : 5th Feb, 2012
Time  : 10 am onwards
Venue : PDPU Auditorium, PDPU Campus, Raisan, Gandhinagar,Gujarat
Contact us
Anmol Garg – +919998264233

Smriti – The General Quiz

The Economics Society, Kirori Mal College presents ‘Smriti’ – The General Quiz.
7th February @1130 am
Quizmaster: Ajay Poonia
2 Participants per team (cross college teams are allowed).
Teams can register at

For More Details Contact:

Suhail Gulati
+91 9953795242

Chaitanya Talreja
(Vice President)
+91 9873770697

Horizon 2012 | Quiz Fest

This Horizon 2012, Rotaract Club of Nirma Institutes presents a plethora of quizzes to cater to the inquisitive spirit in you. With prizes worth overRs.40,000 in cash and kind at stake, this is an event you should not miss!  Here’s a look on what lies in store:-



The Sports Quiz
Get ready to be stumped by fascinating trivia from the world of sports!
QM: Aniket Khasgiwale [IIM-A]
Prizes worth Rs. 5,000

       Date: 10th February, 2012 | 1000-1300




Aapnu Amdavad
The Ahmedabad Quiz
If you think you know everything about the enigma called Ahmedabad, think again…
QM: Siddharth Sheth


First Prize: Rs 1,500

Second Prize: Rs 1,000

Date: 10th February, 2012 | 1300-1430


The Music, Entertainment Literature & Arts Quiz
Calling all connoisseurs of music, movies, television, literature and the arts!

QM: Mayank Mujumdar
Prizes worth Rs. 5,000

Date: 10th February, 2012 | 1500-1800



The Business Quiz
Flaunt your business acumen and brand awareness. Like a boss.
QM: Kaushik Subramanian [MICA]

Prizes worth Rs. 5,000

Date: 11th February, 2012 | 1000-1300

The General Quiz

Test your mettle on all topics under the sun!

QM: Mayank Mujumdar
Prizes worth Rs. 10,000
Date: 11th February, 2012 | 1400-1700

A lot of audience prizes in addition to the above mentioned!

Registration fees for the quizzes are as follows:

  • For Sports/ M.E.L.A/ Business : Rs 80 for a team of 2/3 per quiz
  • For General Quiz: Rs 100 for a team of 2/3
  • For Aapnu Amdavad: Rs 20 per person
  • For all the quizzes: Rs 300 for a team of 2/3

    For any queries, contact
    Mayank +91-8866136544
Teams can register by either contacting the RCNI desk or by logging on to On-the-spot registrations also allowed on the day of the quiz. Cross-college teams allowed.
Hope to see you there!

ASB Wiz Quiz 2012

Asian School Of Business is conducting the Wiz Quiz 2012 ( Season II)  on 4th Feb, 2012. The celebrity quiz master Rohit Nair tests the finest brains at the hottest quiz of the year.

Winners will get INR.50,000, second and third place winners will get INR 25,000 and 10,000 respectively.All finalists will get Tablet PCs, and gift hampers for the audience.

Open to : Undergraduates students – Teams of 2 from the same college 

Date: 4th February 2012

Venue: Asian School of Business, Trivandrum

Quizmaster: Rohit Nair

Flavour: General Quiz