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Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz | Second Edition

Get ready for the second edition of Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz on 26th of Feb 2012, 9 AM at Hotel New Marrion , Bhubaneswar.

Compared to last year, our event this time has been planned on a larger scale in terms of reach out and promotion .We expect to draw a higher number of participants ; some of whom will be representing colleges based outside of Odisha .

Details about the event are as follows :

Venue :    Hotel New Marrion ,Bhubaneswar
Timings :  9 AM . The event is expected to end around 4 PM
Participants :  Students from Engineering and MBA colleges . Each team will comprise of 2 people.

Prizes   :  1st Prize- RS 30,000.00
2nd Prize- RS 20,000.00
3rd Prize- RS 10,000.00
Lots of exciting audience prizes like iPods, Watches etc.

For participating in the event , click on
For latest updates and more information about the event, please click on


Does Grey Matter | Kritansh '12

Quiz Master: Mr Dhananjay Shettigar

Date: 15th February 2012

Venue: Campus 6 Auditorium, KIIT.

Time: General Quiz – 10 AM to 2 PM; Biz Quiz: 4.30 PM

Registration: On the spot; starts from 10 AM.




GENERAL QUIZ:- Includes questions from almost all the spheres viz current affairs, history, arts,movies, foods, sports,music, etymology, literature,politics.


BIZ QUIZ :- Includes exciting questions exclusively from the fields of business and technology. Thus here you may find questions on recent technological advancements, merger and acquisitions brand trivia, corporate history etc.



For General & Business Quiz

1st prize: Rs. 12,000 ; 2nd prize: Rs. 8,000 ; 3rd prize: Rs. 5,000

Final rules and regulations:

1) There will be two quizzes: General Quiz followed by a Biz Quiz.

2) Team size should be of 3.

3) General Quiz would be open for all whereas for Biz Quiz only students (school/college) would be eligible.

4) There will be an on spot registration of teams for both quizzes. There will be no registration fee but only those who have registered for Kritansh would be allowed to participate. Registration slips of Kritansh for outsiders and I-Card for KIIT students will be mandatory for registration. For Biz quiz I-card of each and every participant would be mandatory. We won’t allow any registration until and unless I-card of EACH member of a team is produced at the registration desk.

5) Cross Teams would be allowed for general quiz only.

6) Only 2 top teams from a college can qualify for the mains round in Biz Quiz.

7) Quiz would be of following format: written eliminating prelims followed by Mains.

Rules would be strictly followed.

details : http://kritansh.in/events.php?type=dgm

CBSE Heritage India Quiz | Bhubaneshwar 2011

Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E), New Delhi, like every year, organised the CBSE Heritage India Quiz in order to sharpen the student’s knowledge and inculcate love for the culture and heritage of the Nation.

The Zonal Round of the Quiz was organized on 19th November at D.A.V Public School, Unit-VIII, where in six preliminary qualifier teams participated.

D.A.V Chandrasekharpur team comprising of Aswin Behera (Class-XI), Swastik Pradhan (Class-X) and Gaurav Jena (Class-IX) emerged as the Champions leaving behind the teams from KV-1, CDA,Cuttack and KV-3, Mancheswar, Bhbubaneswar at the First and Second Runners Up position respectively. The Champions team will now be facing the Final Round of the Quiz scheduled to be held at New Delhi.

The Quiz was hosted by  Quiz Master Mr. Prabin Bagodia.

The Final Round will be held under the guidance of Mr. Sarbadaman Singh, Escort Teacher of the Champions Team.

Mr. Satpathy, Principal, DAV Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Members of the Quiz Club, Teachers, Parents, the Chairman and the members of the Managing Committee of the school sent their regards to the Zonal Champions Team.

Source: Odisha360

Quizzotica '11 | OEC

We would like to inform you that “Quizzotica – 11” – the Annual quizzing event of the Tech Group of OEC will take place for the 11th consecutive year as per the following details :

Date – 26th Nov 2011 (Saturday) 
Time – From 10.00 am onwards
Venue – Hotel Pal Heights, Jaydev Vihar Bhubaneswar
Team Composition – 3 members in each team

8 teams will be going to the final round.

Prize Money –
For the winners – 1st prize – Rs 30,000
2nd prize – Rs 18,000
3rd prize – Rs 12,000

Consolation prizes worth Rs 3,000 per team for all the other teams who make it to the finals.

Audience prizes and gifts worth Rs 5,000.

Please visit us at www.oec.ac.in/quizzotica for further details.

For more details contact: placement@oec.ac.in


Host: KIIT University

Quiz: Udghosh ’11

Quizmaster: Kamal Rathi

Date: 20th November 2011 ( 1:30 pm)

Venue: Campus 7 Auditorium, KIIT 

Pantheon & InQUIZzitive | Xpressions '11


It is a series of 2 online Quizzes to be conducted on 31st Oct and 1st November from 10:00 pm to 10:30pm.
The first Quiz will be a General Quiz (Mixed Bag) and the second one a Business Quiz.Apart from cash prizes, the top 2 college teams (on the basis of cumulative score of both quizzes) will get a direct entry to the grand finale of InQUIZzitive to be conducted during XPRESSIONS on 12th November.

InQuizzitiveThis November, the boys shall get separated from the men as Bhubaneswar witnesses one of the biggest Quizzing battles in the country. Come and thou shall be blessed to be a part of the battle where, at stake will be pride and honour of course apart from the huge prize money.

With top teams from colleges and corporates from all around the country fighting it out, we promise you a Quizzing extravaganza where nail biting finishes shall be the order of the day.

It will be a partly-business and partly-general Quiz.
InQUIZzitive  will be held on 12th of November, 2011 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

For more details log on to : www.ximbxpressions.com

Dharohar – Celebrating Culture


Open to Engineering Students

Team Size: 2

Registration Fee: Rs 100

Date: 30th October 2011

Venue: ITER, Bhubaneshwar

Quizmaster: Dhananjay Shettigar

Details on : http://www.dharohar.in

Event Co-ordinators:

Nirmalya – +91-9438660034

Quizzicus Indica

Quizzicus Indica

-The  India Quiz

Quizzicus Indica Details

Date: 14th August 2011

Venue: XIM, Bhubaneshwar ( 3 pm)

Quizmaster: Kamal Rathi

Team of Two members

Registration Fee: Rs 100/- per team

Quizzicus Indica Contact Details

Mail: odishaqa@gmail.com

Phone: +91-9776160864

Quizzicus Indica – The India Quiz, the same weekend we also have the Landmark Quiz in Chennai

Some questions from Kamal Rathi’s blog to help you prepare for Quizzicus Indica:

1. It is alternatively called ‘Patience’. There is an old tradition in the German or Scandinavian countries to use “patience” as a guide to what the near future has to offer, a kind of “luck” meter. This belief assumes that a person’s “luck” will vary from time to time and important matters should not be initiated or conducted when the cards are not favourable. If there are no winnings in the game for a number of tries it spells caution in what you do. If a win at the first try times are good and “luck” smiles at you, thus the immediate future can be used for important decisions. Timing the game is a further indicator of the strength of the outcome. What am I talking about?
Ans.: Solitaire (Card Game)

2. It has been the most decorated molecule in modern science. Atleast 13 people have received Nobel Prizes for their research on this molecule. Which one?
Ans.: Cholesterol

3. In India, Where would you be posting a letter if the PIN Code started with a 9?
Ans.: Army Post office(APO) and Field Post office(FPO)

4. Who holds the world record for the longest serving Defence Minister of a Country.
Ans.: Raul Castro, Fidel Castro’s brother.

5. The Kármán line, named after Theodore von Kármán, is the internationally designated boundary of what?
Ans.: The Kármán line lies at an altitude of 100 km (just over 60 miles) above the Earth’s sea level, and is commonly used to define the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. This definition is accepted by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), which is an international standard setting and record-keeping body for aeronautics and astronautics.

6. Ram Gopal Varma made Company. Who made Company Limited?
Ans.: Satyajit Ray. (Its the English title of his movie Seemabaddha)

7. In 1988, to commemorate the 100th year of the birth Jawaharlal Nehru, what was introduced with the name being a hindi translation of “100th year”?
Ans.: Shatabdi Express

8.Who was the first Indian to receive royalty from the sale of records?
Ans.: Rabindranath Tagore

9. Pre independence, which brand used to run ads with the following lines: “Makes white clothes stay white. Pure swadeshi and free from animal fat”?
Ans.: Tata 501 soap

10. Which Nobel Prize winner spent all his prize money to buy diamonds and study Spectroscopy?
Ans.: C.V.Raman

Quizzicus Indica – The India Quiz

Tata Crucible Questions – Bhubaneshwar Corporate 2011

Tata Crucible Questions 2011 – Bhubaneshwar Edition

Manas Nayak updates from Bhubaneshwar about the wonderful Tata Crucible Edition held there yesterday.

With a participation of around 70 odd teams, the onstage finals was something everyone were waiting for as the finalists were One Time National Champion,  Four time National Finalists & Last year’s Regional Winners , Expo Biotech, Infosys and Indian Oil.

But after a well fought final Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey won the Bhubaneshwar quiz followed by Rahul Jayanti & AGK Murthy(both teams from Vizag).

Vizag Steel have in the recent past become a Quizzing powerhouse and have openly proclaimed that they have started taking Quizzing very seriously at their workplace by creating a Quiz Club and encouraging employees to take Quizzing up as a new hobby! Kudos to all of you and we wish that you win yet another Crucible title this year!

Abhishek Lenka, a young Quiz enthusiast from ITER, Bhubaneshwar has shared the questions from the prelims! Thanks a lot Abhishek and wish you the best!

Have you been following the Crucible? We’ve covered the questions from all the previous editions and you can catch them too.

We traversed Kochi with the Kochi prelimsand Kochi Finals questions and then move to Coimbatore where Chennai Silks won. And then followed BSP win the Nagpur Edition quite comfortably.

But for now,

Tata Crucible Questions from Bhubaneshwar Corporate 2011

1. Which financial giant owns majority stake in LEGOLAND under its Merlin Entertainment brand?

Ans- Black stone

2. Famous Slogan by American criminal GARY GILMORE before he was executed in1977?

Ans- Just Do It

3. HARD ROCK café motto “love all serve all” is based on whom?

Ans- Satya Sai Baba

4. Blue print of Indian budget is called what? (White paper/blue sheet/red sheet)

Ans-Blue sheet

5-SIMPLY FLY written by whom?

Ans- Captain Gopinath

6- He is credited with the modernization and computerization of Indian Railways. Name the personality? Launched Shatabdi Express too!

Ans- Madhav Rao Scindia

7-SoundJam which was acquired by Apple was relaunched as what?

Ans- iTunes

8- Elizabeth Hurley is associated with which cosmetics brand that awarded her the first modeling job at the age of 29?

Ans- Estee Lauder

9- Reid Hoffman picture was shown and asked what did he start?

Ans- Linkedin

10- Logo of Picasa

11-For which big American automobile company did Leo Burnett work for as copywriter?

Ans – Cadillac

12-Term used by Andrew Fluegelman to market his product PC-TALK ,a very popular and successful communication software?

Ans- Freeware

13- The product line was first introduced in Europe in 1947 by Hoffman-LaRoche of Switzerland…….what hair care product?


14- Google Doodle of Pi Day shown. Identify.

Ans:-Pi day

15- A series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. What am I talking about?


16-Picture of products shown. Belongs to which FMCG giant?


17-Economist and Labour politician from UK had written this book, Dilip Kumar in the life of India. Name him. Lord_______

Ans:-Meghanad Desai

18. In Italian language it is number one,give me the name of the car brand of FIAT?


19. He founded Primentor, a U.S.-based consulting firm. From 1992 to 2002, later on taken over by I-Gate solutions etc…Identify him.

Ans:-Phanees Murthy, the sex scandal victim of Infosys

20. Chairman of New Silk Route partners, he is associated with a big B-School ?

Ans:-Rajat Gupta


Some quizzers may claim this to be a good mix of questions, although we agree we also think that these are mainly rehashed from the previous years’ Crucible quizzes! But I guess this happens when you do 24 cities twice a year for 7 years!

So, don’t forget to go through the archives and Be Prepared for the next quiz! 


If you are participating in any other cities, we’re sure these questions will give you a heads up on the preparation required.

For those who want to have a look at the previous years’ questions, follow the links below

The format of Tata Crucible Questions has been simple throughout – a mixture of current affairs dry questions, visuals, heads of companies, trivia from old sites/blogs/quiz groups.

A thorough read through previous editions’ Tata Crucible Questions will definitely give participants a good direction to prepare for their city finals.

And if you are not looking just for Tata Crucible questions but a good guide to Prepare for Tata Crucible and other business quizzes, you must read the 20,000+ downloads famous –A Definitive guide to prepare for Tata Crucible

You can attempt Tata Crucible Questions from the Student Edition 2011 on a brand new customized platform. Dont just read, PARTICIPATE!

 TATA CRUCIBLE QUESTIONS from the previous years


AIMA National Student Management Quiz 2011

Quiz: AIMA 7th National Student Management Quiz -2011

Flavour: Business Quiz

Open to: All students (teams of two)

Registration fee: Pls check official site for more details


Sonepat: February 11th

Lucknow : February 24th

Bangalore: February 26th

Allahabad : March 4th

Patna: March 9th

Pune :  March 11th

Bhubaneshwar: March 16th

Delhi & National Final: March 26th

For more details about venue and schedule , pls check the official site here: http://www.aima-ind.org/national_events/Quiz-Poster-Jan2011.html

For questions & reviews from the previous years, visit the following link: AIMA Quiz questions

Tata Crucible Campus 2011 Schedule

A 24 city Tata Crucible this year to reach out to a far greater student audience!! . Most new locations seem to be cities that have new IIMs/IITs . This is a great initiative by Tata Crucible to take Business Quizzing to the masses.

Have a look at the dates below. Updates questions and results as and when they happen.

First time to Tata Crucible?? Learn How to Prepare for Tata Crucible from the free Quizzing.in e-bookDownload Here

Questions from the various editions of  Tata Crucible (last five years) available here

The venues & timings can be found here

12th Feb – Trichy

13th Feb – Coimbatore

15th Feb – Manipal

16th Feb – Goa

25th Feb – Bhubaneshwar

26th Feb – Jamshedpur

28th Feb – Guwahati

4th Mar – Lucknow

5th Mar – Kolkata

6th Mar – Hyderabad

7th Mar – Nagpur

8th Mar – Indore

11th Mar- Amritsar

12th Mar – Chandigarh

13th Mar – Delhi

14th Mar – Rohtak

15th Mar – Ahmedabad

16th Mar – Jaipur

17th Mar – Bangalore

19th Mar – Review & Questions from TC Chennai here – GLIM, Chennai winners

22nd Mar – Review & Questions of TC Cochin Here – CoE, Tvm winners

27th Mar – Mumbai

28th Mar – Varanasi

31st Mar – Pune

National & International Final – TBA

The official Tata Crucible 2011 Campus Site here

First time to Tata Crucible?? Learn How to Prepare for Tata Crucible from the free Quizzing.in e-bookDownload Here

Questions from the various editions of  Tata Crucible (last five years) available here

Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz

“Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz” named after Late. Debasish Das,

will be conducted by Mindfire Solutions in association with MarchAhead (a quizzing organization), with potential media partners being Times of India (print) and RedFM (radio).

Open to : All Engineering and Management students of Odisha to participate. (Teams of 2)

Date: 6th March 2011

Venue: Rotary Bhawan, Unit-9, Sachibalaya Marg, Bhubaneswar

For more details, visit: http://www.mindfiresolutions.com/DDM_IT_Quiz.htm

Quizzes @ Kritansh '11

There will be 2 Quizzes: General Quiz and Biz Quiz

DATE: Both the quizzes on 16th February
TIME: 10:00 am onwards.
VENUE: KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

1)Team Size is 3. Open to all(including corporates, school students)
2)Cross Teams are allowed, anyone can pair with anyone else.
3)On the spot registration in Kritansh is mandatory for participation in this event.You can register anytime during the whole Kritansh i.e. from 14th February onwards.
4)The Quizzes will be a usual written Prelims and Finals format.
5)6 Teams will make it to the finals after the written prelims.

Total prizes worth Rs. 50,000

Quizmaster: Mr. Gautam Bose

Login to www.kritansh.in for online registration and other events.

Sijut Mehta +91-9777216850
Vineet Kumar +91-9938729779

The Great Minds Tech Quiz Online Quizzes


ONLINE QUIZ#1 is now LIVE. Participate here: www.tinyurl.com/tgmtqol1

The Great Minds Tech Quiz is India’s first National Level Tech Quiz for Engineering & MCA students.

The Quiz will be hosted in 4 locations – Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai and Bangalore. The quiz series will culminate with a National Final in Bangalore later in the year.

As a precursor to The Great Minds Tech Quiz, Quizzing.in brings to all Engineering & MCA students two online quizzes with fabulous prizes.

The Online Quizzes are scheduled as follows:

TGMTQ Online Quiz#1 – Jan 20th 2011 to Jan 28th 2011

TGMTQ Online Quiz#2 – Jan 21st 2011 to Jan 30th 2011

So, Register now and participate in the Online Tech Quizzes


Details of The Great Minds Tech Quiz Offline Rounds are as below:

QuizWorks in partnership with IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge brings to you India’s first National Level Tech Quiz for Engineering Students – The Great Minds Tech Quiz.

The Great Minds Tech Quiz will be held in 4 cities with a National final later during the year. The cities and venue partners are mentioned below:

Pune:                         24th January 2011: Indira College of Engineering & Management, Pune

Bhubaneshwar:     25th January 2011: Gandhi Engineering College, Bhubaneshwar

Chennai:                    27th January 2011: Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, Chennai

Bangalore :               28th January 2011: Dayanand Sagar Institution, Bangalore

More details about The Great Minds Tech Quiz can be found here: http://www.quizzing.in/the-great-minds-tech-quiz

Quizzing.in also running two online quizzes on 20th and 21st January 2011 . Pls register for the same here: http://quizzing.in/registration/tgmq/registration.htm

Quizzotica @ OEC, Bhubaneshwar

Official Site for more details: http://www.oec.ac.in/quizzotica

InQUIZzitive @ Xpressions '10

Quiz-  InQUIZzitive

Fest: Xpressions ’10

Date: 13th November, 2010 (Saturday) Timings: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Flavour: Partly Business-Partly General

Quizmaster: Dhananjay Shettigar from Quiz-Monks, Mumbai

Prize Money: Winners: INR 50,000/- ; Runners-Up: INR 25,000/- ; 2nd Runner-Up: INR 10,000/-

Participation: Open to all (Corporates Included)

For Further details please visit http://www.ximbxpressions.com/index.php#quizzes

Contact :Nishit Ganatra (ph: 9668763484, email: u109031@stu.ximb.ac.in)

Tata Crucible 2010 – Bhubaneshwar Edition

Thanks to Manas Nayak for providing the review and questions from the Bhubaneshwar Edition of Tata Crucible 2010

Rajeev Roy and Subashish Ray celebrated Teachers Day quite perfectly as the two professors from XIMB won the Bhubaneshwar Edition of Tata Crubile 2010 in style leaving behind veterans including Vizag Steel, Axis Bank, Vodafone and IOC.

Wishing the professors the very best for the National Finals.

Pls find the prelims questions from Bhubaneshwar below. We thank Manas again for his contribution


1.who handed over first Maruti 800 car to Harpal Singh?(Indira Gandhi)
2.In mandarin,it is ke-ko-ke-le which means Happy Feelings in your mouth.What am I talking about?(coca cola)
3.What symbol is used in India for a non polluting and environmental friendly product during manufacturing and usage?(Matka or a Pot)
4.In the movie,Dil Se Srk Khan was working with which organisation?(AIR)
5.This term was coined by Ben Hammersely which means “audible revolution” etc…..what am I talking abt?(Podcast)
6.The name of the company comes from a biblical character,it means a container,it is something to do with travel accessaries etc….what is it?(Samsonite)
7.See the USA in your _________.(Chevrolet)
8.which is the only state to have three stock exchanges?(Gujurat)
9.Stamped coin in sanskrit is a currency of a nation.What is this?(Taka)
10.Kavita Choudhury acted in the DD serial UDAAN.She is famous in the advertising world as what?(Lalitaji of surf)
11.Maurice Wilks & Spencer Wilks started something in 1947 etc…….(Landrover)
12.We can associate Elliot Handler,Bentley Bradley with this brand of toy,kids love it the most and demand for it from their parents.What is this?(Hotwheels)
13.A wax model of this commercial symbol was first to be placed in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in 1994.it is the first ever commercial symbol to get a place in tussaud”s….(Singapore Girl of singapore airlines)
14.carta blanca,eristoff vodka,greygoose…which bigger brand name is missing from the group?(Bacardi)
15.Lumix Digital camera,viera plasma belong to whom?(Panasonic)
16.Minister Anand Sharma‘s picture given and asked to identify?
17.PNX is the ticker symbol of trading?This company is there in India now.Name the huge conglomerate?(POSCO)
18.Fiama di wills logo was given and asked to identify.
19.I hate Love Story’s one of the producer is UTV,Which other production house produced it?(Dharma Productions)
20.Amul advertisement was shown with the pic of P.Chidambaram with a bread n butter.As sweet as ______,is the taste of AMUL.The print ad was shown.(Budget)

Questions from the previous years

Wondering how to Prepare for Tata Crucible?? Download the free ebook on How To Prepare for Tata Cruciblehere

Tata Crucible Campus 2010- Bhubaneshwar Edition

DRIEMS won the Bhubaneshwar Edition of Tata Crucible.

Find the questions from the Bhubaneshwar Edition of Tata Crucible Campus 2010 here

Quizzes @ Chakravyuh '10


General Quiz
Automobile Quiz
Business Quiz

Part of: Chakravyuh 2010

Host: Institute of Technical Education and Research, Bhubaneshwar

Date: 23rd – 25th Feb 2010

More details: http://www.chakravyuh2k10.com/ (under sppot events)

Quizzes @ Chakravyuh ’10


General Quiz
Automobile Quiz
Business Quiz

Part of: Chakravyuh 2010

Host: Institute of Technical Education and Research, Bhubaneshwar

Date: 23rd – 25th Feb 2010

More details: http://www.chakravyuh2k10.com/ (under sppot events)