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Brain Jam 2011 | Quiz Review

One of the most ardent quizzers from North East India, Deep Jyoti reviews ‘Brain Jam 2011’ – a mega Quiz event that happens in Guwahati annually, inline:
Like the previous years ‘ Priya Communication’s mega quizzical extravaganza ‘ Brain Jam open Quiz‘ was held on 13th November at GMC auditorium, Guwahati.
This was its 6th edition. Like every year Brain Jam has a theme this year too-‘ Women Empowerment‘.
 More than 300 teams participated in the prelims  of Brain Jam ’11 ,which was dedicated to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.
Barry O’ Brien, the quizmaster for the mega event paid a small tribute to the legend by framing 3 questions on him in the prelims.
Prelims was followed by a chorus,performed by 15 specially abled students from ‘ State Blind school’ which was the best part of the evening.
As the theme was ‘ women empowerment’,the organisers then falicitated the only lady autodriver of Ghuwahati Lakshmi Kumari and India’s
youngest mountainer to conquer Everest Anshu Jansenpa.
Now the quiz part, Quiz was of well balanced. Good research by Barry and his team.
After 8 round of Serious + fun quizzing a team called ‘ SUJI HALF PLATE SOCIETY‘ (Mridul Kalita & Bhabesh Das) won the quiz in tie-breaker and won a trip to Sri lanka as the 1st prize.
WANNA BE MY CHAMMAK CHALO‘(kapinjal Sarma & Tushar Krishnan ) won RS. 10 K and two Air tickets to Bangkok as the came 2nd.
Team called ‘ WOLFPACK'(abhilash Sarma & Surajita Kalita) came third and they won 2 color TV as the prize.
Brain Jam 2011 Prelims
1. what is a baby gaga icecream ?
2. what is ageorexia ?
3. what is so special about Iceland’s new constitution ?
4. Born on 8th sept 1926 to Nilakanta and Shantipriya. who ?
4. Chinese word for ” round object ‘?
5. who is a band aid baby ?
6. photo of philip masa !
7. cidenafill citrate is the scientific name of which compound?
8. what is willey ?