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Tata Crucible Questions – Chandigarh Corporate 2011

Tata Crucible Questions 2011 – Chandigarh Edition


And the Corporate Edition of the Tata Crucible 2011 came to an end with a fantastic performance at Chandigarh. Two doctors from the Armed Forces gave some mindblowing answers to win the Chandigarh edition of Tata Crucible 2011 – Corporate. Although Infosys, Quadrant and Transfast started on fire, the Armed Forces team made the Quiz look like a battle for second place in due course. In the end, Dr Anurakshat Gupta and Dr Bhattacharya won the quiz followed by Manu Chugh and Ashish Singh from Infosys.

Nagesh Mittal, one of the finalists representing BPCL at Chandigarh has been extremely kind and shared the questions of the prelims. Thanks a lot Nagesh and wish you the best for next year’s Crucible!

We’ve covered most cities from the Tata Crucible 2011 Season and you can have a look at the reviews and Questions of all the cities here!!


But for now,

Tata Crucible Questions from Chandigarh Corporate 2011


1. What brand was started in backyard of her house at ludhiana ,ice cream & confectionary

2. This bank was started in amritsar by majitha & 2 others

3. Which airlines started skycouches?

4. Logo of gujrat tourism

5. Tour de france,31,Which watch?

6. Bankers to delhi cwg

7. Japanese founders.sound specialists in cars

8. Photo of u.k.sinha

9. Bank.started to promote agriculture

10. First sponsor of glasgow cwg

11. What is double baked in greek

12. Two founders on time cover shown (twitter)

13. Gsk took this brand from jagatjit industries

14. Which bank started at mangalore has small boy as mascot

15. Logo of carrefour

16. Travel company prince & princesses

17. Entertainment company started bowling alley bluo

18. Mr. Gupta founded this newspaper

19. Logo of double tree

Some Questions from the Finals

1.  What is equitorial banking
2.  one dollar coin of which country showing the bird loonie
3.  A 10 rupee indian coin show. Why was it in controversy
4.  A very old still ad shown depicting a saree clad woman with a european man.which brand
5.  Cover of first issue of a magazine shown.which magazine
6.  A car of volksewagen shown with a rear seat in form of a raised glass box.what is special.
7.  An ad showing two symbols for males one with a limping arrow & another with a straight arrow.which brand
8.  Connect.jfk,american flag,hasbro logo & one more
9.  Connect.luxxotica,bausch & lomb,logo of us defence forces & one more logo.
10. Connect.seyui,asda,star & one more.
11. Connect.logo of french open,one brand of bottled water & two more.
12. Photo of a person ( he was responsible for  making bse bull sculpture)


After a rollercoaster 2 months (Almost) the Tata Crucible has finally come to an end and we hope that each and everyone of you enjoyed the Quizzing experience . We tried our best to cover as many questions from multiple cities as we could.

I guess the preparation for next year starts right away;

So, don’t forget to go through the archives and Be Prepared for the next quiz! 

And if you are participating in another city, here’s the Tata Crucible 2011 Schedule with venues and other details

If you are participating in any other cities, we’re sure these questions will give you a heads up on the preparation required.

For those who want to have a look at the previous years’ questions, follow the links below

The format of Tata Crucible Questions has been simple throughout – a mixture of current affairs dry questions, visuals, heads of companies, trivia from old sites/blogs/quiz groups.

A thorough read through previous editions’ Tata Crucible Questions will definitely give participants a good direction to prepare for their city finals.

And if you are not looking just for Tata Crucible questions but a good guide to Prepare for Tata Crucible and other business quizzes, you must read the 20,000+ downloads famous –A Definitive guide to prepare for Tata Crucible

You can attempt Tata Crucible Questions from the Student Edition 2011 on a brand new customized platform. Dont just read, PARTICIPATE!

 TATA CRUCIBLE QUESTIONS from the previous years 

The Chandigarh Open Quiz

The Chandigarh Open Quiz

Venue- PEC University of Technology
Date – September 25 2011
Time – 1230

The Chandigarh Open Quiz powered by Infinite Bounce is commencing its journey this Sunday. A series of quizzes and sessions to follow, it aims to become an epicenter of open quizzing culture for Chandigarh city and the adjoining regions.

Flavor – General Quiz

Teams of two. Cross teams allowed.

Don’t have a team mate to accompany? Come alone, socialize and find one on the spot. Or even better, show your grit, beat the crowd and triumph solely!

Open to school and college students, corporates, professionals and virtually every curious mind under the sun!

Contact- Arastu: +91 9888572048 or e-mail contact@infinitebounce.com 

The Chandigarh Open Quiz


Ignite 2011

Ignite 2011 – A quiz for schools across the country

Chandigarh: 10 May 2011, at the Museum Auditorium, Sec 10C

Jammu: 12 May 2011, at the Govt Polytechnic Auditorium, Bikram Chowk

Timing – 8:30 Am onwards

Rules :  The contest is open to schools across the country, which can send in up to 5 teams – comprising 2 school students each – to compete. The students must be from Class IX-XII.

Quizmaster – Adittya Nath Mubayi

Tata Crucible Campus 2011 Schedule

A 24 city Tata Crucible this year to reach out to a far greater student audience!! . Most new locations seem to be cities that have new IIMs/IITs . This is a great initiative by Tata Crucible to take Business Quizzing to the masses.

Have a look at the dates below. Updates questions and results as and when they happen.

First time to Tata Crucible?? Learn How to Prepare for Tata Crucible from the free Quizzing.in e-bookDownload Here

Questions from the various editions of  Tata Crucible (last five years) available here

The venues & timings can be found here

12th Feb – Trichy

13th Feb – Coimbatore

15th Feb – Manipal

16th Feb – Goa

25th Feb – Bhubaneshwar

26th Feb – Jamshedpur

28th Feb – Guwahati

4th Mar – Lucknow

5th Mar – Kolkata

6th Mar – Hyderabad

7th Mar – Nagpur

8th Mar – Indore

11th Mar- Amritsar

12th Mar – Chandigarh

13th Mar – Delhi

14th Mar – Rohtak

15th Mar – Ahmedabad

16th Mar – Jaipur

17th Mar – Bangalore

19th Mar – Review & Questions from TC Chennai here – GLIM, Chennai winners

22nd Mar – Review & Questions of TC Cochin Here – CoE, Tvm winners

27th Mar – Mumbai

28th Mar – Varanasi

31st Mar – Pune

National & International Final – TBA

The official Tata Crucible 2011 Campus Site here

First time to Tata Crucible?? Learn How to Prepare for Tata Crucible from the free Quizzing.in e-bookDownload Here

Questions from the various editions of  Tata Crucible (last five years) available here

Mahindra Auto Quotient – Chandigarh Edition

Gursheel from Chandigarh has been kind to review and provide us some questions from the Mahindra Auto Quotient 2010- Chandigarh Edition. Thanks a lot Gursheel..


The level of the quiz was decent but unfortunately the contestants were not playing fairly. There was too much ‘googling’. Also there were not many serious participants. Most of them were from the host institution including three finalists( there were four in all) and the eventual winners. The winners precisely answered just five questions to qualify for the zonal finals… But it was a good quizzing experience

Some questions:

1) Which foreign car company set up its first dealership in Kochi?.. Audi
2)’Genesis of a Genius’ is a book on which famous automobile designer?.. Ferdinand Porche
3) Which company had the tagline ‘Shift the way you move?……..??
4)What is the full form of HCCI?..???
5) There was a visual. It was a car rated as the most exclusive car in the world by Forbes Magazine.
6)Troller is an SUV maker of which country?.. Brazil
7)There was a quote by Henry Ford regarding the Ford Model T..a word was missing. it was related to the color of the cars..the answer was black.
8)What is the nick name given to the car Nissan GTR?.. Godzilla
9) Toyota is partnering which Indian company to produce cars in India?.. Kirloskar
10) There were certain questions related to the Mahindra vehicles…specifically about the the new range of two wheelers launched by them.
11)..a visual question..it was that of a car company now defunct..ans was studbaker or something like it.
12)..A question where the inventor of the cruise control system was given and the teams had to identify his invention.
If you’ve attended any Mahindra AQ Quizzes and want to share the questions, leave a comment, use the Contact Us Section at the bottom of the page or just mail us at quizzing.in@gmail.com

Brand Equity Quiz 2010

Quizmaster: Derek O’Brien

Official ET Coverage here

Bangalore: FICO wins BEQ 2010 Bangalore Edition. Find Bangalore BEQ ’10 review and questions here

Calcutta: JWT wins BEQ 2010 Kolkata Edition. Find Kolkata BEQ ’10 review and some questions here

Delhi: Accenture wins BEQ 2010 Delhi Edition. Find Delhi BEQ ’10 review and questions here

Ahmedabad: Triton Communications wins BEQ 2010 Delhi Edition. Find Delhi BEQ ’10 review here

Chandigarh: Infosys wins BEQ 2010 Chandigarh Edition. Find Chandigarh review and questions here

Pune: Infosys wins BEQ 2010 Pune Edition. Find Pune review and questions here

Hyderabad: IBM wins BEQ 2010 Hyderabad Edition. Find Hyderabad review and questions here

Mumbai : HUL wins BEQ 2010 Mumbai Edition. Find Mumbai review and questions here

Chennai: KPMG wins BEQ 2010 Chennai Edition. Find Chennai review and questions here

Prepare for BEQ, check the BEQ 2009 Questions here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010- Chandigarh Edition

IIT Roorke came in first and second, followed by Thapar University. Find below the prelims questions of the Chandigarh Edition of the Tata Crucible Student Round 2010, thanks to Varun Chad.

1] The children’s imprint of British publishers penguin books?
Puffin books

2] The ————-brand was established in 1972 by Air France “to provide a home away from home for its customers.”
Ans: Le Méridien

3]pic of geetanjali kirloskar was shown>>and we were to identify one of the
India’s largest Engineering and Construction Conglomerate.
Geetanjali kirloskar wife of vikram kirloskar of kirloskar group of industries.

4] novartis logo

5] japaneese word which means ‘great lord’?

6] print ad for wwf

7] there are somethings that money can’t buy for everything else theres ———?

8] question on infosys >> 6 people from patni computers got together to form…..?

9]question on diners card >> Frank McNamara, Ralph Schneider and Matty Simmons
came up with this concept when they forgot their wallet.

10] pic of ‘aman ki asha’ >> initiative of toi and jang group
ans: aman ki asha

11] world’s first transistor by whom?

12] question on CHIT FUND

13] x refused to produce tanks for Nazi Germany , which took control of his factories. He produced lorries for the German occupiers instead. The Provisional Government of the French Republic accused him of collabrating with the German occupiers and had him arrested during the liberation of France in 1944. He died in prison before having prepared his defence. X was founder of french automobile company ? which company?

14] It began producing airship envelopes in 1911 for advertising purposes and introduced its own blimp, pilgrim, in 1925.which tyre giant?

15]cover of book the age of turbulence was shown>>author??
Ans: alan greenspan

16] audio clip of a song from movie paa>>producer of film??

17]pic of william hanna and joseph barbera>>identify??

18] questions on paramount pictures

19] CEAT tyres is a company held by which indian group?
Ans::RPG group

20]EXPAND docomo in TATA DOCOMO?
Do communication over mobile

Tata Crucible Campus 2010 Schedule

A 20 city Tata Crucible to excite more students including those in Guwahati and Manipal. Have a look at the dates below. Updates questions and results as and when they happen.

Feb 20- Nagpur: IMT (Neha Katyal & Team)

For review click here

Feb 21- Indore: IIM (Debashish & Sri Ganesh)

For review and questions from Indore edition click here

Feb 24- Coimbatore

Feb 25- Cochin

Feb 27- Panaji

Mar 5- Jaipur

For Review and Questions from Jaipur Click here

Mar 6 – Chandigarh

Questions from Tata Crucible Chandigarh Edition here

Mar 7 – Delhi

Review and Questions from Tata Crucible Delhi Edition here

Mar 9 – Lucknow

Mar 13- Chennai

Review and Questions from Prelims and Finals of Chennai Edition here

Mar 14- Kolkata

Review and Questions from Kolkata Edition here

Mar 15- Bhubaneswar

Questions from the Bhubaneshwar Tata Crucible Campus 2010 Edition here

Mar 18- Ahmedabad

Mar 20- Hyderabad

Mar 21- Bangalore

Mar 23- Ranchi

Find Questions from the Ranchi Campus Edition of Tata Crucible 2010 here

Mar 25- Guwahati

Mar 27- Mumbai

Find Review and Questions from the Mumbai Campus Edition of Tata Crucible 2010 here

Mar 28-  Pune

Find review and questions from the Pune Campus Edition of Tata Crucible 2010 here

Mar 31- Manipal

Questions from Manipal Campus Edition of Tata Crucible 2010 here

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