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Flare 2012 | Mind-Ripple

MINDRIPPLE  , the quiz club of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), Gandhinagar, Gujarat, brings you all in 4 Quizzes, as part of the annual techno-cultural festival of PDPU, FLARE 2012.

Get ready to tingle your rusty Grey matter, and prepare for the most outrageous quizzing quest you will ever come across. Wrack your brains, strengthen your reflexes, scratch your scalp, and hold your breath cause its going to be a really bumpy ride and of course there are attractive prizes on offer! 

The Quizzes planned are as follows :

1)   Magnate ~ The Biz & Tech Quiz  |  MINDRIPPLE 
    From the Bhatias to Mistrys, Apples to oil rigs, mergers to nanotechnology, bailouts to patents, our very own quizmasters have left no stone unturned to blow you off your mind ! The Business and Tech Quiz by Mind Ripple will reshape your BizTech perspective forever. The term magnate is used to describe an entrepreneur who has achieved wealth and prominence from a particular industry, we also have magnet as in the scientific term magnetism which takes care of the tech part,hence the name MAGNATE for our Biz and Tech Quiz!
NO Registration fees
Date:24th March 2012 (10 am to 1 pm)

2)   SPENT ~ Sports & Entertainment Quiz  |  MINDRIPPLE 
    Feel the adrenalin pumping, hearts racing, and await the chronicles to unfold. Eyes popping, Whats crackin’?Wait and watch as Mind Ripple bowls you over with the most anticipated, Sports and Entertainment Quiz. Spent has been coined with ‘SP’ for sport and ‘ENT’ for entertainment. But there is more than that meets the eye. All you movie buffs and sports freaks, Can you beat the heat ?
NO Registration fees
Date:24th March 2012 (2 pm to 5 pm)

3)  General Quiz  Mr. Kushan PatelEndeavor
   A  quiz that would practically cover everything. 
QM: Mr. Kushan Patel from Endeavor. 
NO Registration fees
Date:25th March 2012 (10 am to 1 pm)
4)  Math-O-Mania ~ The Maths Quiz  |  Kushal Shah & Jaimin Shah
   “It is easier to square the circle than to get around a mathematician”  –  Augustus de Morgan 
Maths can be fun too! Come participate in Math-O-Mania and we will be proved right! 
Quizmasters: Kushal and Jaimin.
Registration fees:Rs.30 per team
For more details please contact regarding Math-O-Mania:  Kushal shah: 7600390932Jaimin shah: 9662996089

Date:25th March 2012 (2 pm to 5 pm)


#Teams of 2(lone-wolf also allowed ) for all quizzes
# All the quizzes are open to all(school students,undergrads,postgrads,corporates and the mango people obviously)
#Don’t forget to carry an ID card(college/company/school/license or any other valid ID Card.)
#Register on the spot or send a mail to mind.ripple@pdpu.ac.in
#No registration fees(expect for Math-O-Mania which will have Rs.30 as the registration fee per team)
#Attractive Prizes on offer
#Prelims to be followed by finals
#Audience prizes on offer
#Quiz-master’s discretion would be final
#We would appreciate if carry you own pens!
#More details would be provided during the quizzes.

How well do you know the world you live in ? Ever cared to know ? 
Well folks what are you waiting for ?! Get those bags packed, brains wracked, bottoms smacked, and dash over to this insane Quiz Mania at FLARE 2012. Need we say more !?
History shall be made. The question is 
Will You Be There ?

For more details contact:
Rohan Desai-    +91-9998213303
Anmol Garg-     +91-9998264233

Or drop an email @:mindripple.pdpu@gmail.com
Check out Quizzing Corner under Techno Zone @ http://flare.pdpu.ac.in/
Find us on Facebook and Blogspot


Business Quiz | Inspirus 2012

QUIZ! The word instills excitement in many. Does it do that to you? Sitting on a chair and answering some questions sounds easy, but when a packed audience is waiting for each and every answer of yours and a brilliant quiz-master is testing your knowledge of this ever-changing business world, can you handle the pressure? 


Teams must consist of 2 members.

For further information and to register for the event, follow this link now! Prizes worth upto Rs. 50,000 to be won! http://nmims.edu/inspirus/event1.html
If you are still excited, then you are going to love what we have to offer!

NMIMS and Inspirus’2012, in association with Quizworks present  
For further information and to register for the event, follow this link now! Prizes worth upto Rs. 50,000 to be won! http://nmims.edu/inspirus/event1.html
Online Prelims will be held on 24th February 2012.
Teams of 2
The Prelims Q&A sheet will be uploaded here at 9 pm on 24th February 2012: http://quizzing.in/inspirus2012.html
Offline Prelims & Finals will be held on March 2nd at the NMIMS Campus by Raj Dam from QuizWorks
For more details contact: Kishan – +91-9619959969 

Brain-Teaser ’12 – A General Quiz.

What: Endeavor Presents Brain-Teaser ’12 – A General Quiz.

When: 11th February ‘2012. 1:30  PM Onwards.

Who: Teams of 2 (Open to College Students Only, 50 Rs. Entry Fees.)

Where: Vidyani School, Sama, Vadodara.

Riviera 2012 | Quiz Schedule

Riviera 2012 and Jamboree present you ‘Pansophy’ – a two day Quiz Festival during Riviera, with BBC Knowledge.
There are five quizzes as part of Pansophy and open to all college students. The quizzes shall be held on the 4th and 5th of February
(Saturday and Sunday). Total cash prize of INR 50,000 and BBC Knowledge magazines + vouchers to be won.
The description of five quizzes and their itinerary is as follows :
On 4th Feb (Saturday):
1. SpEnt Quiz :
As the name suggests this quiz consists of Sports and Entertainment related topics.
2. Buzzer Quiz
This quiz is to quizzing what T20 is to cricket: short, entertaining and fast paced quiz. It tests your knowledge and your ability to answer
the questions fast. The prelims will be a written round with 40 questions, which you have to answer in 40 minutes.
The 6 highest scoring teams will be selected for the finals which will ebtirely be on buzzer.
2 in a team.
3. Riviera Main Quiz
Riviera Main Quiz is one of the most anticipated college quizzes across the country. The quiz covers almost all the topics from
Philosophy to Politics and from Sports to Sunny Leone. So come and compete against some of the best minds in the country, for the
winners shall leave with riches unheard of.
One of the must-attend events at Riviera.
4.L33T Quiz (Gaming Quiz)
Over the last few years video games have become a large part of our culture with games like Call of Duty having the biggest opening day
release in whole of entertainment industry, several movies being made based on Video games, and phones being dominated by likes of
angry birds. The VIT Quiz Club takes this opportunity to host a quiz on video games and the video game culture.
Teams of 2.
5.Online Quiz
A series of 2 online quizzes in the run up to the Riviera quizzes wherein you can do anything in the world (except bribing the organisers) to
get the answer. And if you haven’t found the answer, you haven’t searched enough.
The two sets will be uploaded on www.vitriviera.com on 26th and 29th Jan and their respective dates of answer submission are 29th Jan and Feb 1st.
Cross college teaming is allowed and on the spot registrations are accepted. Venue for all the quizzes is Gallery 2, VIT University
For further details contact :
Tarun Ruchandani : +919159805911
Omkar Kamalapur : +919952113853

SRM Milan General College Quiz

Quiz: SRM Milan General College Quiz

Open to : College Students – Teams of 2. Mixed teams allowed

Prelims of 30 Questions. Followed by Finals. 8 teams in finals.

Date: 31st Jan 12. 

Time: 9:15 A.M.

Venue: Mini Hall I (Tech Park Campus), SRM University, Kattankalathur.

Registrations on Spot.

Prizes: 4k + 2k (for now).

For more details

Hari: 8807617847
Ashwin: 9940659034

GLIM Chennai Quiz Event | Quiz Info

GLIM Chennai Quiz Event

Online Prelims: 7th January from 22.00 hrs to 22.40 hrs.

Top Six teams will qualify for the on-campus finals on 20th January.

Top three teams from the PG management schools and Top three from the Corporates.

Quizmaster: Gautam Bose


  • Open Quiz.
  • PG management students and members of the corporate community are welcome to participate.
  • Cross corporate teams are allowed.
  • For the student teams both the members need to be from the same institution.
Online registration is essential and registration closes on 5th of January.

The IITM Open Quiz | Quiz Info

The IITM Open Quiz

The earth is no longer young, and Sachin no longer has the highest ODI score.
The times are-a changing, but few things remain. Of them, none can be more exciting than the IIT Madras Open Quiz.

That’s right, the IIT Madras Open Quiz is back!!!

The uncharted forests of Adyar once again await your arrival, eagerly anticipating some high voltage quizzing action. Having witnessed a footfall of over 1500 quizzers last year, the IIT Madras Open Quiz promises to be bigger, and better this year!!

The IITM Open Quiz is renowned for witnessing participation from the best in the business, including representation from almost every major quizzing circle in South India. The quiz is known for its challenging questions and saw the inception of the Long Visual Connect (LVC), a staple component of any quiz today. The standard of the quiz is a testament to the long-standing quizzing culture on campus. For years, The Open Quiz, hosted in the pristine campus of IIT Madras, has enthralled school-goers, college students, professionals and families alike.

So ladies and gentlemen, the stage is set. If you think you know a thing or two about quizzing, find your way to said forest on the 8th of January 2012. May the Force be with you.

Mark your calendars, the kelvi-veri begins. . .

Date : 8 Jan, 2012
Time:  1:30 PM
Venue : Students Activities’ Center, IIT-Madras.

MINDSWEEP 2012 | Quiz Info


It is with pleasure that we announce the inaugural edition of KQA’s International Solo Championship, titled MindSweep.

We have confirmations from the United Kingdom and the United States, and a few more countries will probably participate.

Mindsweep will be held during the weekend comprising Saturday, 7 January and Sunday 8 January 2012.

The quiz will require participants to answer 200 questions–in two sessions of 60 minutes each with a 30 minute break between sessions for corrections. Please register in advance using the form on this page.

The quiz is split into 10 sections of 20 questions each and is set by Dibyendu Das, Kiran Vijayakumar and Arul Mani.

  1. The Arts: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Design, Architecture, Installation Art, Dance, Theatre
  2. Science and Tech: Concepts in the Sciences, History and Philosophy of Science, History of Technology, The Environment, Astronomy, Medicine, Inter-disciplinary work, Popular Science Writing
  3. Literature: Poetry, Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, Genre Fiction, Graphic Novels, Critics, Literary History, Translation
  4. Social Sciences: History, Anthropology, Cultural Studies/Social History, History of Ideas, Economics,The Philosophers
  5. Business: Brands, Fashion, Business History, Advertising
  6. Sports and Leisure: Sporting History, Games, Television, Gaming, Sports-Writing, Sports-Coverage, Hobbies–Collecting, Gardening, Fan-communities, The Internet
  7. Cinema: Hollywood, National Cinemas, World Cinema, Film Genres, Film-Technology, Film-language, Cinema & Society. Film-writing
  8. Music: Instruments, Performers, Genre Music, World Music, Tech Innovations, Music-magazines, Music industry, Music-journalism
  9. Food & Drink: From all over the world.
  10. Connections


Being knowledgeable and cognizant is futile, if one cant apply, reason or think rationally

Cudgel your brains for the most grueling and challenging business quiz in India.


The quiz master is renowned Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramanium. 24 teams ( campus + corporate ) will qualify for the semi final rounds, out of which the competition will be filtered down to the best 12 teams (campus + corporate ) battling it out in the final round.

The final round will take place at the NIMHANS Convention Center in Bangalore.


Event details :


Rewards :

1st Place : Rs. 50,000.

2nd Place : Rs. 25,000.


Qualifying Rounds :

In – Station Colleges

The qualifying rounds for in station colleges will take place on 14th Jan 2012, where the top 7 colleges will then qualify for the semi-finals which will take place on 2nd Feb 2012.

Out – Station Colleges

The qualifying rounds & semi finals will take place directly on 2nd Feb 2012.


Semi – finals:

The top 12 teams from the qualifying rounds move on to the semi finals, where the top 6 teams qualify for the finals




Rewards :

1st Place : Rs. 75,000.

2nd Place : Rs. 35,000.


Qualifying Rounds :

In – Station Corporate Teams

The qualifying rounds for In – station corporate teams will take place on 14th Jan 2012, where the top 7 teams will then qualify for the semi-finals which will take place on 2nd Feb 2012.

Out – Station Corporate Teams

The qualifying rounds & semi finals will take place directly on 2nd Feb 2012.


Semi – final :

The top 12 teams from the qualifying rounds move on to the semi finals, where the top 6 teams qualify for the finals



Registrations :

To register please send in your details and the form attached to  ” precipice2012@cms.ac.in ”

Registration Form : Download


Rules & Regulations :

  • The registration fee for all teams is Rs 200
  • Each team must comprise of 2 members.
  • The event is open to students from all streams of study.
  • Multiple entries are allowed from each institute.
  • Registrations will happen at the venue.
  • All prelims will be written.
  • The amount for train tickets will be refunded for the teams that qualify for the final round in Bangalore*, subject to submission of the tickets.
  • Participants must carry valid ID Cards.
  • The decision of the quizmaster will be final and binding.
  • Each contestant is expected to maintain discipline and decorum at the event.
 * Conditions Apply.

MindSpark 2011 | Quiz Info

MindSpark is the annual Technical Festival of the College of Engineering, Pune.

This year MindSpark will play host to 4 quizzes from27th- 29th December 2011. Specifics Below.
 For any additional clarifications. visit http://www.mind-spark.org/chaanaksha.php.

1. Chakravyuh- the Open General Quiz

Wednesday , 28th December 2011

Timing: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Venue: The Auditorium, College of Engineering, Pune Weblink: http://www.mind-spark.org/chakravyuh.php   
Chakravyuh has been one of Pune’s best known open quizzes for many years now. A general quiz that is literally based on anything and everything under the sun, the participants of this quiz can range from college students to software professionals. Chakravyuh has gone on to produce quizzers who would later perform exceptionally well at national level quizzes. Previous years have elicited fantastic participation and the prize money remains as sweet as ever.
Status: Open Quiz (Anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

2. Torquest- The Scince and Technology quiz

Tuesday, 27th December, 2011

We wouldn’t really be an institute of excellence in technical education unless our students were sound in their technical knowledge and fundas. Pit your love for technology against ours. Brush up your theory and find out how much you could actually apply it when you go out into the mad, mad world. Science and technology are inseparable, and this is a quiz where the passion for both would find a home.
Status: Open Quiz (anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

3. Qonnoisseur- The MELA Quiz

Thursday, 29th December, 2011

Weblink: http://www.mind-spark.org/qonnoisseur.php

There’s not really much to introduce to this classic format. We’re looking for people who read a lot of classics, watch a lot of movies and critique works of art in your spare time, then you’re the kind of person who just might have a shot at winning this quiz. Prove yourself to be the ultimate savant in all things related to media and culture.
Status: Open Quiz (Anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

4. 10^-9- The Nanotechnology Quiz Tuesday, 27th December, 2011

Wednesday, 28th December, 2011
From nanotubes to colloids to powder technology. You need to know it all to crack this one. Dodge a volley of questions and advance in your quest to conquer the material world for this is the Nanotechnology quiz. The winner takes it all.
Status: College Quiz (I Cards required)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.
Total Prize Money to be won : Rs 80, 000/- Goodies for participants and Loads of Audience Prizes (Movie Tickets, Magazines, Anti Virus Packs, Developer Keys, T Shirts etc.)
For more details contact:
Himanshu Panandikar +91 90497 25707 (chakravyuh@mind-spark.org)
Mihir Khatwani +91 97647 707747 (torquest@mind-spark.org)
Neelima Jha +91 90283 59871(qonnoisseur@mind-spark.org)
Nilesh Adhav +91 96658 45872(nano@mind-spark.org)

Endeavor Presents MEGAMIND ’11 – A General Quiz. | Quiz Info

Megamind 2011

Endeavor Presents MEGAMIND ’11 – A General Quiz.

When: 23rd December ‘2011. 1:30 to 3:30 PMWho: Teams of 2 (Open to College Students Only, NO Entry Fees.)

Where: St. Xavier’s, Ahmadabad.

Obligatory Question: A British Naturalist’s wife gives her name to
State Bird of an East Indian State. However the Naturalist’s is
remembered in Indian politics. Who & Why?

“Cere-Brate: The Open Business Quiz” | Quiz Information

“Cere-Brate: The Open Business Quiz”

Host: FMS, Delhi
Date:  17 – Dec-2011 (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm)
Open to All – Corporate, UG & PG
Teams of 2 – from the same institution
For any queries:
Call Siddhant: 098117-05857 , Varun 099996-45080

Galaxy 2011

 Galaxy 2011

AIMA- All India Management Association and JIMS, Kalkaji are organising GALAXY 2011, A general quiz competition for college students.

Details as follows-

What: Galaxy 2011, A general quiz
For Whom: College students
When: 11 a.m. 26th November, 2011
Where: JIMS, MOR, Pocket-105, Kalkaji, New Delhi
Quizmaster: Ajay Poonia

Prizes: 1st- Rs. 10000+Trophy
        2nd- Rs. 5000+Trophy
     and lots of gift hampers!!

Contact- Mr. Mantosh Singh msingh@aima-ind.org


Quiz @ Synapse 2011

Intercollegiate Quiz as part of 3 day cultural and literary fest – Synapse 2011
Open to: Students
Part of: Synapse 2011.
Date: 5th November 2011 – 11 am
Venue: Dr B.R Ambedkar Medical College, KG Halli, Bangalore- 45
Contact Info
Brijdeep singh – phone no. 9916184732

Brahma 2011

Brahma ’11

– is the annual inter-school and inter-collegiate quiz conducted by Quiz Club of Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.

Brahma ’11 Details

Date: September 11th 2011

Teams of 2

Mixed College teams allowed

ID Cards mandatory

Contact details:
Vishnu -9894034457
Email us at quizclubcit@gmail.com
Visit us at quizclubcit.org and quizclubcit.wordpress.com

Brahma ’11

NHRDN presents Young Leaders Quiz

National HRD Network – Delhi & NCR Chapter presents Young Leaders: Success Code

The event will consist of eminent speakers and panel discussions. But to add the zing to the serious learning, NHRDN will host an Engaging Quiz for all delegates.



Young Leaders Quiz Details


The Quiz will be hosted by Raj Dam of QuizWorks and promises to be a thorough entertainer!

Date: 10th September 2011

Venue: The Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Contact: info@hrdnetworkdelhi.com












For more details about the Young Leaders Quiz , do contact us at: +919810526884

LIC Trivadrum presents GK Quizzes

LIC of India, Thiruvananthapuram Division will conduct GK Quiz competitions for  students of colleges  and employees of Corporate / Institutions in connection with Insurance Week Celebrations.

PROGRAMME                                                       DATE:                       TIME

Quiz for Institutions / Corporate:              03/09/2011              2.30 P.M
Quiz for students of Colleges:                       05/09/2011            10.30 A.M

The quizzes would be held at the Conference Hall of LIC at its Divisional Office at Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram
Teams of two from the same institution / colleges can participate.
The winners would receive cash prizes and certificates.

Please contact Ajit Prabhakar +91.9447864196  for any additional information


Quiz Info from KQA

We will hold ASKQANCE 2011, KQA’s 28th Anniversary Quizzing Festival in two parts during June 2011.

Askqance School and College Quizzes
Date: Sunday 19 June 2011

Venue: St. John’s Auditorium, Koramangala, Bangalore.

The events planned include a Middle-School Championship (Std.V-VII), a High School Championship (Std VIII-X), a Junior College Championship (PUC/XI and XII) and a College Championship (PUC to PG)

Askqance Open Quizzes
Date: Friday 24 June 2011, Saturday 25 June 2011 and Sunday 26 June 2011.
Venue: Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bangalore.

Some Chennai wit called our 2010 anniversary ‘the Woodstock of Quizzing’. On the same theme, another Chennai wag sent us the suggestion that we should call this year’s anniversary ‘a KQArian Exposition of Peace, Love and Quizzing’.

We blenched a little bit and complained a lot about the consequences of exposure to the Cooum. Having recovered, we now undertake to provide the quizzing; those who turn up will have to organise their own peace and love.

The events planned:
June 24th: 1600hrs onwards
History of Ideas Quiz, followed by the Travel Quiz.
Both are for teams of two members.

June 25th: 0930hrs onwards
Open Science Quiz (teams of 4)
Mega-Whats Face-off Semi-Final I
Mega-Whats Face-off Semi-Final II
Open Film Quiz (teams of 2)

June 26th: 0930hrs onwards
Sports and Leisure Quiz (teams of 2)
Sesame–The General Open Quiz (Teams of 4)
Mega-Whats Face-off Final

All of the sixteen teams that qualified for the Mega-Whats Face-off have confirmed that they will be present. Thus, two teams from Chennai, five teams from Bangalore, two teams from Mumbai,and one team each from Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Panaji, Pune, Thrissur and Coimbatore will contest for the title of National Open Quizzing champions.

Do come!

Thank you

Arul Mani

Under the Peepal Tree 2011

RV QuizCorp, The Quiz Club of RV College of Engineering, Bangalore in association with SunGard proudly presents to you, Under The Peepal Tree 2011 (UTPT), the 13th edition of the national level quizzing fest on the 18th, 19th and 20th of March, 2011. This year’s edition includes : India, Sport, Sci Tech, Lit-ent,General(college) and General (open) quizzes.

Quality quizzes and prizes worth Rs.1.2 lakh beckon you!!

The Schedule is as follows:

Friday, 18th March 2011 at RVCE, Mysore Road

9:30am : Indi-genius (India Quiz)
2:00pm : Ψ-Tech (Science and Technology Quiz)

Saturday, 19th March 2011 at RVCE, Mysore Road

9:30am : Game Theory (Sports Quiz)
2:00pm : Lieut-en-ent (Literature and Entertainment Quiz)

Sunday, 20th March 2011 at RV Teacher’s College, Jayanagar

10:00am : The Major Quiz (General quiz) for college teams
3:00pm : Magnum Open (Open-Gen quiz)- Open to all and Corporate teams. Quiz Master: Nitish Khadiya

There are prizes for the Best School, College and Corporate Team in the Magnum Open Quiz.


Visit http://utpt.blogspot.com/ and follow us on Twitter @rvquizcorp


For Further details contact: Chaitanya: +91 9742506054, Sreenivas- +91 9916564867


Uni-Y Quiz 2011

Inter College/School Quiz

Date:  Feb 5th,2011

Venue: YMCA Statue, Trivandrum


Cross College Teams are allowed.
Quiz Prelims Start at 10.30 am.Finals will begin by 1.00 pm.Quiz is expected to conclude by 4.00pm.
Registration Fee : Rs.50 per team.