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Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz | Second Edition

Get ready for the second edition of Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz on 26th of Feb 2012, 9 AM at Hotel New Marrion , Bhubaneswar.

Compared to last year, our event this time has been planned on a larger scale in terms of reach out and promotion .We expect to draw a higher number of participants ; some of whom will be representing colleges based outside of Odisha .

Details about the event are as follows :

Venue :    Hotel New Marrion ,Bhubaneswar
Timings :  9 AM . The event is expected to end around 4 PM
Participants :  Students from Engineering and MBA colleges . Each team will comprise of 2 people.

Prizes   :  1st Prize- RS 30,000.00
2nd Prize- RS 20,000.00
3rd Prize- RS 10,000.00
Lots of exciting audience prizes like iPods, Watches etc.

For participating in the event , click on
For latest updates and more information about the event, please click on


AT&T History and Trivia

AT&T History and Trivia

AT&T History and Trivia is a Brand History and Trivia Page just like DellAdobeZippo and AOL.




The Blue Striped Marble


AT&T Inc.  is the largest provider of fixed telephony in the United States, and also provides broadband and subscription television services. It is also the largest provider of mobile telephony service in the United States.

Headquarters: Whitacre Tower, Downtown, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Chairman and CEO: Randall L. Stephenson

NYSE Ticker: T

AT and T History:

Southwestern Bell Corporation was officially transferred full ownership January 1, 1984. They had three subsidiaries: Southwestern Bell Publications, Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems and Southwestern Bell Telecommunications.

AT and T History and Trivia:

*The company was originally known as Southwestern Bell Corporation.

* Southwestern Bell Corporation was founded in 1983 as a Regional Bell Operating Company following the break-up of the original AT&T. The company changed its name in 1995 to SBC Communications Inc. and again in 2005 to AT&T Inc. after it purchased its former parent company, AT and T Corporation.

* The newly merged company took on the iconic AT&T logo and T stock-trading symbol (for “telephone”).

*On December 20, 2010, AT&T and Qualcomm announced that AT and T would buy $1.93 billion worth of spectrum from Qualcomm. Formerly used for FLO TV, this spectrum will be used to expand AT&T’s 4G wireless services.

*On March 20, 2011, AT&T announced its intention to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion from Deutsche Telekom. The deal comes with 33.7 million subscribers, making AT and T the largest mobile phone company in the United States.

* AT&T sponsors the world famous annual Red River Rivalry football game.

AT and T History of logos is shown below.

AT and T History Logo Timeline

AT and T History and Trivia is a Brand History and Trivia Page just like Dell and AOL.

Apple History and Trivia

APPLE History and Trivia

Silver Apple


Apple, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers.





Apple History-Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.


Founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Slogan/Tagline: Apple uses the slogan Think Different in advertising campaigns.


Headquarters: 1 Infinite Loop, California, USA.


Apple History: 

Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California, and incorporated January 3, 1977, the company was previously named Apple Computer, Inc., for its first 30 years, but removed the word “Computer” on January 9, 2007, to reflect the company’s ongoing expansion into the consumer electronics market in addition to its traditional focus on personal computers.




*APPLE’s LISA released in 1983 became the first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI. The Newton was Apple’s first foray into the PDA markets, as well as one of the first in the industry.


*In 1985, a power struggle developed between Jobs and CEO John Sculley, who had been hired two years prior. At a board meeting Apple’s board of directors sided with Sculley and removed Jobs from his managerial duties. Jobs resigned from Apple and founded NeXT Inc. the same year.


*In 1994, Apple allied with IBM and Motorola to form the AIM alliance.


*The company’s best-known hardware products include the Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Its latest product is the iPad 2.


*This Apple History of  products is  a huge list of all stand-alone Apple II, Macintosh, and other computers, as well as computer peripherals, expansion cards, software, ancillary products, and consumer electronics sold by Apple Inc.


*Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software; the iWork suite of productivity software


Apple History Logo:

The Apple History Logo is as shown below:

Apple History Logo Evolution










The logo is often erroneously referred to as a tribute to Alan Turing, with the bite mark a reference to his method of suicide. Both the designer of the logo –Rob Janoff and the company deny that there is any homage to Turing in the design of the logo.

The parody for the iPhone’s antenna problem:

Apple History iPhone Parody










Apple History and Trivia is a Brand History and Trivia Page just like AT&T, AdobeDell and AOL.

AOL History and Trivia

AOL History

– AOL Inc. (America Online) is an American global Internet services and media company.


Blue Monster

AOL Blue Monster Logo

NYSE Ticker: AOL


AOL began as a short-lived venture called Control Video Corporation (or CVC), founded by Bill von Meister.

Its sole product was an online service called GameLine for the Atari 2600 video game console after von Meister’s idea of buying music on demand was rejected by Warner Brothers. GameLine permitted subscribers to temporarily download games and keep track of high scores, at a cost of $1 per game. The telephone disconnected and the downloaded game would remain in GameLine’s Master Module and playable until the user turned off the console or downloaded another game.

The original technical team was composed of Marc Seriff, Tom Ralston, Ken Huntsman, Janet Hunter, Dave Brown, Steve Trus, Ray Heinrich, Craig Dykstra, and Doug Coward.

With regional branches around the world, it was the former American “goliath among Internet service providers”.

AOL History: Company Name ->Control Video Corporation>>Quantum Computer Services, Inc.>>America Online.


*In September 1993, AOL added USENET access to its features. This is commonly referred to as the “Eternal September”.

* When AOL decreased their service prices, connections would be flooded with users trying to get on, and many canceled their accounts due to constant busy signals .This was often joked “AOL” standing for “Always Off-Line”

*In 2001, when AOL had merged with Time Warner, it was called AOL Time Warner, Inc.

*On May 28, 2009, Time Warner announced that it would spin off AOL into a separate public company. The spinoff occurred on December 9, 2009, ending the eight year relationship between the two companies.

*TechCrunch and Huffington Post are its recent acquisitions.

* AOL presently has no fixed number of official logos.

* AOL had acquired Bebo.com – a social networking site in 2008 , which they later sold to Criterion Capital Partners in 2010

*AOL History of logos is shown below.

AOL History

AOL History Logo Evolution

*Its popular recruitment ad is shown below:


Work for AOL now.

AOL History is a Brand History and Trivia page just like Dell and Adobe

The Great Minds Tech Quiz Season 2 : Week#1 Winners

The Great Minds Tech Quiz Season 2 : Week#1 Winners

Day#1: 12th November – Balachander R (TechMonster)
Day#2: 13th November – Arindam Paul (East India Company)
Day#3: 14th November – Prempal Singh (Perpetual Motion Squad)
Day#4: 15th November – Yogesh K.S (TechGech)
Day#5: 16th November – Akshay P Karanth (TechGrandmasters)
Day#6: 17th November – Aniraj K (Hopeless Computer People)
Day#7: 18th November – Bhavya Chadha (tech_maniac)
Weekly Winner: Roopak V (Tech Dudes)
Please note that all winners will be contacted personally and provided details of prizes!

All those who haven’t won yet, Don’t worry! Lots of Quizzes left!
And if you haven’t participated yet, you should start Quick . Prizes to be won everyday – www.quizzing.in/onlinequiz
And for clues , help and quicker updates, join us on Facebook!

Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz

“Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz” named after Late. Debasish Das,

will be conducted by Mindfire Solutions in association with MarchAhead (a quizzing organization), with potential media partners being Times of India (print) and RedFM (radio).

Open to : All Engineering and Management students of Odisha to participate. (Teams of 2)

Date: 6th March 2011

Venue: Rotary Bhawan, Unit-9, Sachibalaya Marg, Bhubaneswar

For more details, visit: http://www.mindfiresolutions.com/DDM_IT_Quiz.htm

ACM Bangalore IT Quiz

Quiz: ACM Bangalore IT Quiz

Open to : Open Quiz (so no restrictions on teaming etc)

Teams of 2

Quizmaster – Mitesh Agarwal

Venue – Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab(HTSL) 151/1, Doraisanipalya, Bannerghatta Road Bangalore- 560 076, India(Opposite to IIM, Bangalore)

Prelims – 2PM Sharp
Finals – 3PM

Date – Jan 29, 2011

For further details:

You can register by contacting
Harsh Dhand at: harsh.dhand@philips.com
Raman Shrivastava at: raman@acmbangalore.org or +91 9008710682

Abacus @ Etrix '10

Quiz: Abacus

Flavor: IT Quiz

Part of: Etrix ’10

Host: Loyola School, Jamshedpur

Quizmaster: Raj Dam from Quizworks

Date: 30th October 2010 ( 9 30 am)

Venue: XLRI Auditorium

Open to: School students above 14 years (same school- teams of two)

For more details: http://etrix.in/

First Online IT Quiz – Answers and Results

Thank you for participating in the First ever Online IT Quiz by Quizzing.in .

Thanks to the overwhelming response the organizers and sponsors have agreed to increase the number of prizes! Now, the Top 5 scores get gift vouchers from our sponsors – Digit (2)and NoMoreQueue (3).

NoMoreQueue ahs also promised to provide 50 discount coupons to 50 Lucky Winners (picked on random-lot basis)

For now, the Top Scorers:

Abhishek Nag
Nitin Rao
Anup Kumar
Ashwin P
Sachin Ravi

Please Note: Multiple participants were tied with the same score and we used the Time taken to answer the quiz to decide on the winner.

Find below the answers

If you are a Tata Crucible Aspirant, do read The Definitive Guide to Tata Crucible Preparation
TCS IT Wiz participants can also browse our archives

First Online IT Quiz

Quizzing.in presents its first Online Quiz !!

And to kick off the 2010-11 Quizzing season, what better way to start it than an IT Quiz- open to all-free for all.

The Quizzing solution is built on a never before used platform in Quizzing circles with the highest degree of security!

The Quiz is free for all . And you can register @ http://quizzing.in/onlinequiz

The top 2 scorers win Attractive Prizes. One LUCKY registrant also stands to win the Lucky Dip Prize.

Don’t wait longer. Quiz closes on 15th August 2010.

TCS IT Wiz 2010- Bangalore Edition

After the TCS IT Wiz 2010 kick off from Hyderabad on 29th July 2010 which was won by FIITJEE, the quiz series moves on to Bangalore on August 5th, 2010 at Chowdiah Memorial, Sankey Tank.

Bangalore 2010 – Radhika and Udbhav from SBM Jain PU College beat Milind and Vikas from Kumarans (CBSE) to win the Bangalore Edition.
You can find the questions from the TCS IT Wiz 2010 Bangalore Edition Prelims here

TCS IT Wiz 2010

So yet another edition of the TCS IT Wiz kicks off later this week.

You can find questions from the TCS IT Wiz 2009 edition here and TCS IT Wiz 2008 here
also find a database of questions that should help those preparing
Hyderabad 2010– Krishna and Rohan from FIITJEE won the Hyderabad Edition followed by Syed Murtaza and Asher from Little Flower.
You can find the questions from the TCS IT Wiz 2010 Hyderabad Edition here
Bangalore 2010 – Radhika and Udbhav from SBM Jain PU College beat Milind and Vikas from Kumarans (CBSE) to win the Bangalore Edition.
You can find the questions from the TCS IT Wiz 2010 Bangalore Edition Prelims here
August 12
Tagore Hall, Paldi
August 18
Music Academy, TTK Road
August 25
Corporation Kalai Aragam, R.S. Puram
August 31
Nehru Memorial Hall,Pune Camp
September 3
Kala Mnadir, 48, Shakespeare Sarani
September 6
PAL Heights,J/7,Jaydev Vihar Road
September 29
IMA House, Behind Jawaharlal Nehru Intl Stadium
November 16
Ravindralaya Auditorium , Motilala Nehru Marg
November 27
Venue- TO be announced
November 28
Indian Education Society, Manik Sabagraha,Opp Lilavati Hospital
Bandra Reclamation
You can find questions from the TCS IT Wiz 2009 edition here and TCS IT Wiz 2008 here
also find a database of questions that should help those preparing

TechBytes IT Quiz 2010

The Board of IT Education Standards (BITES) and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Asia’s
largest IT company are organising the first edition of the Engineering IT Quiz – “TCS TechBytes”.


Round 1: College Level

The College will select 10 Best Teams (2 members per team) by using the model question paper sent to all institutions. The test should be written as a team (2 students per team). The test should not be answered individually. · The college has to send the enclosed entry form of the selected 10 teams before 25th March, 2010 to: The Coordinator, BITES TCS IT Quiz, BITES, # 9 Ground Floor, UNI Building, Thimmaiah Rd, Millers Tank Bed, Bangalore 560 052. Alternately you can email it to bitesitquiz@gmail.com or fax us to 22207270/1.

Round 2: Regional Finals
The Regional Level Quiz will be conducted by the Quizmaster at the following places:
Gulbarga – 12th April
Venue: Appa Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sharana Basaveshwar,
Institune Complex, Brahmapur, GULBARGA-585 103
Hubli – 15th April
Venue: B V B College of Engg. & Technology, Vidyanagar, HUBLI-580 031
Tumkur – 17th April
Venue: Siddganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur-572 103
Mysore – 26th April
Venue: Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engg, JSS Technical Institute
Campus, Mysore-570 006
Mangalore – 28th April
Venue: Srinivas Institute of Technology, Merlapadavu, Valachil, Farangipete
Post, Mangalore – 574 143
Bangalore – 30th April
Venue: RV College of Engineering, R V Vidyanikethan Post, Mysore Road,
Bangalore – 560 059

Round 3: State Finals
The 6 Regional Winners from Gulbarga, Hubli/Belgaum, Tumkur, Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore will be invited to participate in the State Finals at Bangalore on 8th May at PES Institute of Technology, 100 Feet Ring Road, BSK III Stage, Bangalore-560085.
The winning team will emerge as the Karnataka State ‘TCS TechBytes’ Champion.

There is NO entry or registration fee.
Students from all engineering streams in Karnataka are eligible to participate.
Only 10 teams per college (2 members per team) will be allowed to participate.
Completed Entry Forms for Round 2 should be sent to BITES before 25th March.
Therefore rush the selected teams from your college immediately.

This is basically the College Level of the now famous TCS IT Quiz. For more details about the TCS TechBytes click here

Quizzes @ Gnosiomania 2010


1.Top Gear: An Auto quiz
2.Game On: A Sports Quiz
3.Mazik Masala: An Entertainment Quiz
4.Third I: An IT Quiz
5.Pot Pouri: A General Quiz
6.Passwords: ********(Unlock It)

Fest: Gnosiomania 2010

Host: MNNIT, Allahabad

Quizmaster: Avinash Mudaliar

Date: 29th-31st January 2010

More Details: http://gnosiomania.mnnit.ac.in/main/

TCS IT Wiz 2009: Coimbatore- Review and Questions

Akash Lodha and Hiren Barai of St Jude’s Public School, Kotagiri, in the Nilgiris district were the winners of the TCS IT Wiz 2009 quiz held at Coimbatore on Nov 10th.Sibhi Kumaran and Gowthem Nachimuthu of SBOA Matric and Higher Secondary School of Coimbatore were the runners-up.

Following are some questions from the prelims. Courtesy: Sibhi from SBOA Matric School. Thanks a lot!

1) Picture of N.Chandrasekaran
2) Creeper detected first on ARPANET .What is it?-VIRUS
3) Infopath,Groove,OneNote are from?MS OFFICE
4) AutoCAD is a product from which company? AUTO DESK
5) Picture of Steve ballmer
6) What are ‘And ,or,not’ called? LOGIC GATES
7) Logo of Skype
8) UNIVAC abbreivation
9) Whom did carol bartz replace at Yahoo? JERRY YANG
10) Which operator launched 3G first in India? MTNL
11) Jack dorsey? TWITTER
12) Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce? INTEL

Sample Questions, Database Questions and Questions from other cities available here

TCS IT Wiz 2009: Bhubaneshwar- Review and Questions

DAV Pokhariput – Aurojyoti Das & Ambarish Sarangi won the quiz followed by Rajendra Vidyalaya – Anurag Ranjak & Arnab Ghosh. It was a high voltage quiz with 4 teams having an open chance to win the quiz till the last question.

Find below the prelim questions:

1) Which product is Aamir Khan associated with?
Tata Sky

2) The producer of TCP/IP is now working with google. Name him?
Vinton Cerf

3)Idenitfy the ceo of xerox (picture question)?
Anne Mulcahy

4) Which company gave the defination of java J2EEE environment?
Sun microsystems

5) Who gave the idea of one laptop per child?
Nicholas Negroponte

6) Name the country which uses .gb?
Great Britain or UK

7) Which was the world’s first GUI browser developed by Marc Anderseen?
Mosaic or Netscape

8) Which company’s name is Lucky Goldstar?L.G

9) Identify the chairman of AMD (Picture question)?
Hector Ruiz

10) The aspire and travelmate series of laptops are from which company?

11) Identify the logo of Skype (Pic Question)?

12) iPhone is associated with which company?

13) Akio Morita can be associated with which company?

14) What is the shortcut for italic letters in MS Word?
Ctrl + I

15) Identify this game? Dave

Questions from other cities and other downloadable preparatory material here (Click)

Rural IT Quiz 2006

Rural IT Quiz
29 October 2006
Bangalore Palace, Palace Ground, Bangalore
Part of Bangalore IT.in 2006
Quizmaster: Giri ‘PickBrain’ Balasubramaniam

Bangalore is the IT Capital of the country and Bangalore IT. in is definitely the landmark yearly extravaganza at India’s Silicon Valley & The Rural IT Quiz seems to be the biggest crowd puller year after year.

The reason I make it a point to be present at this Quiz is not just because its yet another big quiz, but I (now) realize that I have an emotional bonding to this quiz.

Year after year, I see young children come from places as distant (wont use the word rural, at least not after I witnessed them performing) as Tumkur, Karwar, Shimoga etc and rock the Bangalore Palace with the most amazing answers!!

Let me put it this way- how many of us know that Mcorp Global holds the maximum stake in Spice Telecom and that The Founder’s Touch was a book on the Life of Paul Galvin??

Well, these students from Rural Karnataka definitely knew all these and much more.

As the clock struck 4:30, the Palace Grounds seemed deserted as every individual headed to the spacious Bangalore Palace (Audience size around 1500) to witness 12 students battle for Karnataka Quizzing’s biggest glory!

The stakes are undoubtedly high, but seem miniscule when weighed against the difficulties overcome by the students to reach this stage.

Some Stats:

Total participation this year: 9,55,000 Students (yes, Nine Lakh Fifty Five thousand)

Regional Round Prizes:

I Prize: Rs 15,000

II Prize: Rs 7,500

III Prize: Rs 4000

And all teams on stage get Rs 2000 each

After clearing three stages of Quizzing (including a complete Regional Final), the six finalists for the State finals were:

1) VB Durbar PU College, Bijapur (All girls team)

2) Forbes Academy, Belgaum (Tenth standard Boys)

3) Sarvodya PU College, Tumkur

4) Little Rock School, Udupi

5) Pragathi Composite School, Shimoga

6) St Josephs PU College, Hassan

Six rounds of Quizzing included:

1) WorkStation- The dry Questions Round

2) Cryptic IT- Crossword Round

3) Domain Expertise- Selection of Topics

4) Download IT- Team Specific 3 clue question round

5) Beyond the Obvious- Well known Pickbrain Round

6) Instant Processing- Speed Round


Winning the quiz hands down and in style (with super answers) were St Joseph’s PU College, Hassan followed by Little Rock, Udupi


Prize Money: (excluding other goodies common to all finalists)

I Prize: Rs 80,000

II Prize: Rs 50,000

III Prize- Rs 35,000

Final Standing:

1) St Joseph’s PU College, Hassan

2) Little Rock School, Udupi

3) Forbes Academy- Belgaum


Year after Year, I get emotional after the Quiz and this year was no exception

Watching these children perform so wonderfully, I look back at each one of our lives.

Competition might be tough but the luxuries are over flowing as well!


Hats off to each one of those students who not only got on stage but also to those who have participated.


Lat year’s review: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/quizkrieg/message/519

Last year’s Questions: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/quizkrieg/message/527


That’s all from me!


Till Next time!

Adieu Masculine




Quiz review for Quizkrieg

Rural IT Quiz 2005- Review

Rural IT Quiz

27 October 2005

Bangalore Palace, Palace Ground, Bangalore

Part of Bangalore IT.in 2005

Quizmaster: Giri ‘PickBrain’ Balasubramaniam


Mother Nature was not very kind to us Bangaloreans, as she expressed her wrath with overcast skies and heavy downpour, but this did not subdue the enthusiasm at the Rural IT Quiz held at the Bangalore Palace yesterday.

While the quiz was graced by the IT and BT secretary of Karnataka and the who’s who of the Tata Group, there were over a thousand expectant spectators.

The six finalists (from a total of 65000 entrants across the state), who had already cleared four rounds of hardcore IT quizzing in the zonal rounds seemed all set for the State final.

The finalists had already won Rs 15,000 in cash, a Casio scientific calculator and other prizes (all courtesy TCS)

The stage was set and the time had come to announce the stakes.

As custom, the Tata Group decided to award all of them a cordless phone for coming this far.

And the stakes: (besides the Rs 15,000 already won)

2nd Runner Up: Rs 20,000

1st Runner Up: Rs 35,000

Winner: Rs 60,000

Then came the time to announce the six finalists

In random order, the finalists were:

Table 1: Government PU College, Karwar

The college was represented by Sumeet Naik and Vignesh Poojar.

This team came from, quite literally, Rural Karnataka. After beating the two time State champions, Little Rock, Udupi, it seemed like they deserved to be seated on table 1.

Table 2: Sarvodaya PU College, Tumkur

The team comprised of Mahesh Kumar and Naveed Abrar.

These two boys had earlier (in class 10) qualified for the zonal rounds independently and they ended up in the same college for their +2 and their teaming up definitely paid off as they reached their first ever State final.

Table 3: BVVS Polytechnic, Jamkhandi

The team comprised of Santosh and Nikhil G.

Coming from a district as remote as Jamkhandi in itself is a great achievement and to add to that they actually reached the State final.

Table 4: Carmel Convent, Mandya

The team comprised of Kriti Y C and Sneha V.

They were the youngest team to ever reach the state finals. Both the girls were in standard 8. And let me tell you they have four years of quizzing to go and I guarantee you that their names will be seen in these columns quite often (especially after I announce the final results)

Table 5: Nutana PU College, Davangere

The team comprised of Anil Kumar and Sridhar.

They were the wounded tigers of the quiz. After entering the finals of the zonal rounds for four continuous years, it was only in their last year that they were able to enter the State final.

Table 6: V B Darbar High School, Bijapur

The team comprised of Bharat and Gururaj Patil.

Both the boys were tenth standard students and extremely calm, composed and collected.

The audience was packed with not only expectant parents but also students with varied backgrounds. There were students from UVCE, Jain College ,PESIT and many more..

There was this young gentleman, a teacher in Bijapur, who had come all the way to watch the quiz even though his school had not qualified for the final. Now, that calls for a big thumbs up. Cheers, professor!!

The quiz was beautifully conducted by our renowned Giri Pickbrain Balasubramanian with his supreme wit and exuberance.

Consisting of five rounds, the quiz was as informative and elegant as it could be.

And for the winners

A close finish

One team was on 55 and the other on 60, with one question to go and it turned out that a third team pressed the buzzer.

TCS Rural IT Quiz Winners- V B Darbar High School, Bijapur

The results:

#1-VB Darbar High School, Bijapur

#2-Government PU College, Karwar

#3-Carmel Convent, Mandya

If you had been part of the event, you would have definitely gone home with the same feeling each one of us present there had- ‘there was no single winner, each one of them was a true winner’

A candid conversation with Giri revealed facts which touched my heart-

For obvious reasons, I am not disclosing any names.

1. One of the finalists was the son of a bus conductor.

2. The father of one of the finalists barged into the zonal finals and started blasting his son. The reason: The son did not water the field as he had come to attend the zonal finals. Yes, the father was, or should I say, is a farmer.

3. Most of the finalists complained to Giri that they could not read the questions fast enough to press the buzzer as the questions were all in English.

4. The quiz was conducted in Kannada at its early stages.

Now, I hope you all agree why each one of them was a true winner. They braved every obstacle and reached a stage which very few (of us), even with all our luxuries, can reach.

Giri actually did the entire quiz in Kannada in the first three rounds.

Great work, Giri

Three Cheers and Keep it Up.

We hope to see a lot of you in the near future,Giri

Quiz Covered for : TEAM QUIZKRIEG

Till next Time!!

Adieu Masculine