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Does Grey Matter | Kritansh '12

Quiz Master: Mr Dhananjay Shettigar

Date: 15th February 2012

Venue: Campus 6 Auditorium, KIIT.

Time: General Quiz – 10 AM to 2 PM; Biz Quiz: 4.30 PM

Registration: On the spot; starts from 10 AM.




GENERAL QUIZ:- Includes questions from almost all the spheres viz current affairs, history, arts,movies, foods, sports,music, etymology, literature,politics.


BIZ QUIZ :- Includes exciting questions exclusively from the fields of business and technology. Thus here you may find questions on recent technological advancements, merger and acquisitions brand trivia, corporate history etc.



For General & Business Quiz

1st prize: Rs. 12,000 ; 2nd prize: Rs. 8,000 ; 3rd prize: Rs. 5,000

Final rules and regulations:

1) There will be two quizzes: General Quiz followed by a Biz Quiz.

2) Team size should be of 3.

3) General Quiz would be open for all whereas for Biz Quiz only students (school/college) would be eligible.

4) There will be an on spot registration of teams for both quizzes. There will be no registration fee but only those who have registered for Kritansh would be allowed to participate. Registration slips of Kritansh for outsiders and I-Card for KIIT students will be mandatory for registration. For Biz quiz I-card of each and every participant would be mandatory. We won’t allow any registration until and unless I-card of EACH member of a team is produced at the registration desk.

5) Cross Teams would be allowed for general quiz only.

6) Only 2 top teams from a college can qualify for the mains round in Biz Quiz.

7) Quiz would be of following format: written eliminating prelims followed by Mains.

Rules would be strictly followed.

details : http://kritansh.in/events.php?type=dgm


Quizzes @ Kritansh '11

There will be 2 Quizzes: General Quiz and Biz Quiz

DATE: Both the quizzes on 16th February
TIME: 10:00 am onwards.
VENUE: KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

1)Team Size is 3. Open to all(including corporates, school students)
2)Cross Teams are allowed, anyone can pair with anyone else.
3)On the spot registration in Kritansh is mandatory for participation in this event.You can register anytime during the whole Kritansh i.e. from 14th February onwards.
4)The Quizzes will be a usual written Prelims and Finals format.
5)6 Teams will make it to the finals after the written prelims.

Total prizes worth Rs. 50,000

Quizmaster: Mr. Gautam Bose

Login to www.kritansh.in for online registration and other events.

Sijut Mehta +91-9777216850
Vineet Kumar +91-9938729779