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Kolaveri Meaning – Why this Kolaveri Di?

Kolaveri Meaning: Why this Kolaveri Di?

The Kolaveri Meaning Explained

‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’, the song video, that has set off ripples the size of tidal waves over the digital media, is actually a song from the Tamil Movie ‘3’(Tamil: Moonu). The film stars the all so beautiful Sruthi Haasan opposite the dashing Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja, popularly known as Dhanush. The song has redefined the term Reach with its unceasing number of YouTube views and Facebook shares.

Kolaveri Meaning

However, the real meaning of this statement is brought out in the transliteration of this catchy tune’s lyric. While Soup Boys are boys who have undergone a heartbreak, Kolaveri is a portmanteau of two words namely, Kola and Veri. The former means Murder while the latter means Mania. The particle Di translates to represent a rather colloquial form of the word Girl. The singer having undergone a recent heartbreak rhetorically questions his girlfriend why she intends to murder him so brutally? In short he asks, ‘Why do you have this murderous rage against me, girl?’.

‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’ is also a statement used amidst young college crowd as an ice-breaker with a reserved peer or someone seeming disheartened. So if someone seems depressed then one would say ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’ to ask him/her what they are depressed about.

Kolaveri Meaning: Other Transliterations

Why this killer rage girl?

Why did u do such a bad thing?

Why did you do this to me?

Why did you dump me?

Kolaveri Meaning: Typographical Error

Also, the song is rumoured to have a typographical error where the singer is quoted saying, “Mama, Notes Eduthuko. Apdiye Kaila Snacks Eduthuko.” (English: Dude, pick up the notes. Also pick up the snacks.) The typo here being the word ‘Snacks’ which should have been replaced with the word ‘Sax’, short for Saxophone. The bit that follows this line is that of a jazzy instrument playing a Blues rhythm.

It is a majestic development in the area of fan following of the southern film industries. The YouTube video post now has 16,280,995+ (16.28 million) views 15 days after it came online.

Kolaveri meaning and lyrics.

Brand Kolaveri: Impact on the  Marketing Industry

The song has had it’s impact on the branding media in a positive way. For instance, Amul came out with a cartoon in it’s signature way:

Amul Cartoon - Khalo Everyday.










A parody of the Quentin Tarantino blockbuster has been made to emphasise on the transliteration of the song:

Kill Bill Parody Spoof - Why this Kolaveri Di?

















The Chennai Traffic Police Department have wisely used the song and its meaning to spread traffic awareness and safe driving in their campaign across the city:

Kolaveri Meaning - Please Drive Without Anger













Kolaveri Meaning - Please Drive Without Anger






A development in the impact of the song has led a few software engineers, wrap up their woes in a parody to the original.

Titled “Why this Kolaveri Di?-Delivery Version” or “Why this Delivery Di?”.



Kolaveri Meaning.