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Weekly Wrap-Up: Buick, Zippo, Tata Crucible, Harry Potter and how Quiz Works!

This week at Quizzing.in , we checked the History and Trivia of 5 different brands and detailed 4 upcoming quizzes

As part of the Brand History & Trivia section, we discuss the History of Buick and wonder if Tiger Woods was discontinued as the brand ambassador, post his scandal.

We later wonder if Macy’s logo always had a star in it?

Have you wondered why and how companies change their logos? Find out why Opel made all these changes..

Ever wondered why the Zippo is such a cult phenomenon and how they provide Lifetime warranty for all their products?

Did you know that T.E.Stockholm and jack COhen’s (the founders) names gives rise to the brand TESCO -One of the world’s largest retailers!!

In the live Quizzing scene, we updated details of the Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Edition, which kicks off with Kochi on 22nd July ..  Crucible Followers might already know that Quizzing.in has the largest collection of previous Crucible questions and we have now made a single post with all the details. You can refer the previous Tata Crucible Questions here

And we move into the school Quizzing, where the Limca Book of Records 2011 edition has kicked off and we’ve added details of the latest cities in action too! You can even check the questions from the  Goa Edition of the LBR here

And as the Harry Potter rage kicks in with the final movie , our special Harry Potter Online Quiz comes to an end while Delhi celebrates with a live Quiz event called PottermaniaQs

And to add to all the fun, the Quizzing.in Facebook page is raging with activity. Moderators and quizzers are pouring in with questions from previous Quizzes varying from Tata Crucible & BEQ to the latest Business and General Quizzes. Come join the 3200+ strong group and feel the action!!

And while all this happens Quizzing.in Editor-in-Chief Rohit Nair talks to Rodinhood about Quizzing in India and how Quiz Works for him..