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Thank You & Goodbye Quizzing.in – Rohit

Quizzing.in – The Beginning

It was a hot summer afternoon around 6 years back when the idea of collating Quiz Reviews on a single platform struck my tiny little head!

Starting with less than 10 hits a day for the first few days, https://rohitnair.wordpress.com (as Quizzing.in was then known) struck gold from the quality of content that people across the country starting sharing with me.

In due course, word spread and The Quintessential Theory (as it was called then) became the Online resource for Quiz Reviews across the country.

Through my Quintessential journey across the country, I participated and reviewed hundreds of quizzes – shared questions from Quizzes , ‘screwed’ Quizmasters with bad reviews, praised quizhosts for their content and made absolutely no money out of this venture!

With feedback from quizzers across, Quintessential Theory slowly became a one stop shop for Quiz Reviews, Questions and in due course Schedules! Today, I am told every Quizzer worth his salt visits Quizzing .in to get the latest updates in the industry.

My chest bloats with pride!!

Quizzing.in visiting card 

Quintessential Theory become Quizzing.in

In due course, Quintessential Theory became Quizzing. in as I realized the importance of Branding for the site!

In mid 2009, we got funded to improve the site wrt design and technology.

We utilized the complete amount to increase engagement amongst the audience but I’ve always had a tinge of regret that the site remains a single side communication rather than a conversation which I’m sure will change very soon!

Quizzing.in is possibly the only pure Quizzing site that receives over 2000 visitors a day and around 200,000 pageviews a month! Our nearest competitor (if there is any) is not even one-third our size!

3 years back, I threw my shoes into the beautiful world of entrepreneurship and started a wonderful company called QuizWorks which , with a lot of hard work and God’s grace has scaled to becoming one of India’s leading Offline Quiz hosting companies and undoubtedly the country’s #1 digital Quiz company with our reach on the web, facebook and twitter.

QuizWorks acquires Quizzing.in

I am proud to announce today that QuizWorks is buying out Quizzing. in from me and will be handled by an extremely able team of Content and Technology partners to develop the next generation Quizzing engagement platform for all Quizzers across the country.

Personally, I will no longer be heading the site as Editor-in-Chief but will remain a well-wisher and mentor for life!

And for the Inquizitive, I am continuing in the business of Quizzing but taking up the challenge to make quizzing inclusive which a lot of us in the industry have tried to do in the past and I hope I can achieve in the near future!

I’ve had a great journey with core quizzing and fortunately a successful one on both sides and I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for being such a fantastic audience and being loyal to this very niche site for over 6 years!

If you ever have anything to say, feel free to drop a mail or connect with me on any of the networks below!

Till we meet next time, on a different day and a different forum – Keep Quizzing!


And if you have some more time, feel free to have a look at the 6 years of Quizzing. in Timeline below

Quizzing.in – Past Present & the Future

Tatva Online General Quiz

The Tatva ’12 Online Quiz is a precursor to the Tatva Business Quiz to be held on 9th February 2012 at LBSIM, Delhi.
Open to All.
This quiz will be open from 06th February 2012 10 pm (open till 9th February 6 am)
Time limit : 10 mins for 15 questions
For more details, pls contact Anuj : +91-9582055105

All 7 Deadly Sins waiting to be Relished! Participate now!!


What a rocking Online Quiz we’ve had! Over 1000 participants across 7 days! But people want more…. On popular demand, we have opened all the 7 Quizzes till 20th October 2359 hrs. Login once and relish all the sins you missed out last week! This is your last chance to win that SEXY iPOD and Wrist Watch! Share it with your family and friends, ask them to participate and increase the chances of your close ones winning!

Participate now: http://quizzing.in/onlinequiz

Participate now in the 7 Deadly Sins: http://quizzing.in/onlinequiz

Mail us at priyanka@quizzing.in if you are facing any issues


7 Deadly Sins | The Online Quiz Series

7 Deadly Sins 

7 Deadly Sins

The most Awaited Online Quiz Series!

7 Days, 7 Quizzes, 7 Sins!

Participate in One Quiz a Day and get a chance to win the Grand Prize!

Sin#1 Business Quiz : October 11th 2011

Sin#2 Tech Quiz : October 12th 2011

Sin#3 Cartoons Quiz: October 13th 2011

Sin#4 Fashion Quiz: October 14th 2011

Sin#5 Love Sex aur Dhokha Quiz : October 15th 2011 – Above 18 yrs ONLY!

Sin#6 Auto Quiz : October 16th 2011

Sin#7 Sports Quiz : October 17th 2011

Venue: www.quizzing.in/onlinequiz

7 Deadly Sins : Rules & Regulations

1) All Quizzes as part of the 7 Deadly Sins Quiz Series are online.

2) Quizzes are open to All irrespective of age, profession and gender *

3) Participants need to be registered on http://quizzing.in/onlinequiz to participate in the quizzes

4) Entries with all correct answers will be part of the Lucky Draw to choose Daily Winners ( 1 Daily Winner )

5) Participants need to participate in all the 7 Sins to be part of the Weekly Draw .

6) All Quizzes will be open only for 24hours . Answers and Scores can be found at the close of the Quiz

7) For any clarifications, login issues please contact priyanka@quizzing.in 

* All questions for the Business Quiz will be from the Brand Trivia Section on Quizzing.in

* We advice the LSD Quiz to be taken only by participants above the age of 18 yrs.

7 Deadly Sins – The Biggest Everr Online Quiz!

Weekly Wrap-Up: BQC! Tata Crucible Controversy, TCS IT Wiz, Brands, Questions & More

Live Quiz Update: BQC IS BACK!! READ NOW!!


Quiz Updates

The Tata Crucible Updates!!

The Tata Crucible has kicked off in style and Quizzing.in as usual have covered all the cities’ questions for our readers.

Kochi was the most interesting start with Malayala Manorama winning the Kochi Edition comfortably followed by Swadisht Foods, who later got into controversy of mixed team allegations (Follow the allegation chain here) We were also aided by FACT’s Anil Raghavan who provided us the Kochi Finals questions as well

The Crucible juggernaut then went into Coimbatore where Chennai Silks won the contest for the third time in a row and were very unfortunately dragged into a mixed team controversy by one Mr ‘Honest Quizzer’ – These ‘controversies’ are now being checked by the Tata Crucible team.

The Tata Crucible then moved into Nagpur where AIMA quiz hosts – SPS Jaggi & Chandrashekhar had a thumping win representing Bhilai Steel Plant


TCS IT Wiz Updates!!

The Tatas & Greycaps seem to be totally caught up this month as they host the famed TCS IT Wiz for school students everytime they get a break from the Crucible.

The TCS IT Wiz rolled out in Bangalore with a lot of fanfare and St.Paul’s won the quiz followed Sri Kumaran’s CBSE. Questions from the prelims and Videos from the finals are available here

And while all this happens in the offline Quizzing World, over 500 people have played The Bollywood Quiz and are waiting for more!! Have you participated yet? If not, do NOW and win prizes!!

Beyond Quiz -zing

And as the days pass by , the Brand Section gets more and more data flowing in .

This week we saw how the brands Smirnoff, Guiness and Johnnie Walker are connected to Diageo? Is Bacardi also linked to Diageo- Find out..

We then followed the Goldman Sachs history from its rise to its fall. From Finance, we jumped to FMCG where we discussed Kraft Foods and its subsidiary Cadbury’s


And in the midst of all this, we have some Quizzes coming up across the country

Although restricted to college students, The Illuminati Quiz will make the students from Kerala wrack their brains on August 6th while IIFT Kolkata will do that through InQuizition on 13th.

The Corporates in Bangalore will have a chance to battle the rest in Corporate Classroom- A Concern India Foundation Quiz

While QuizWorks will rev Mahindra AQ’s gears in 20 cities across the country for college students!

This is ofcourse to add to the Tata Crucible for Corporates , TCS IT Wiz for Schools and the  Mahindra Auto Quiz for Campus Students

And to end on an interactive note- some questions from the Quizzing.in Facebook Page

1)      Hero Honda has roped in which Bollywood director to direct a series of commercials as part of the company’s new corporate identity?

2)      This product was marketed under the brand name Luxor. This product was produced by Chesebrough Manufacturing Company until it was bought by the Unilever company.The founder of this product named it from the German language word from water and Greek language word for oil.This product is making news these days fro all the wrong reasons in the ongoing India-England Test series. Identify the product??

3)      PVH Corp (earlier Phillip Van Heusen) has agreed to buy the Indian rights of Tommy Hilfiger from whom?

4)      After the launch of its new model, which car is being advertised as ‘India drive khulke’

For clarifications, suggestions & feedback ,  feel free to mail us at info@quizzing.in

Are you hosting a quiz?? Let us help you – mail me at priyanka@quizzing.in

Quizzing.in – India’s No. 1 Quiz Site

James Bond Quiz

James Bond Quiz

With the immense success of The Harry Potter Quiz,  Quizzing.in now brings to you the JAMES BOND Quiz!!

Participate and win couple tickets to any movie of your choice!! What are you waiting for??

Participate now in the JAMES BOND Quiz here

The Quiz is open from 18th July 2011 to 25th July 2011. Participate, share the news and win prizes!!

Click here and participate in the James Bond Quiz

Who is James Bond?

Bond or 007 is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections. The fictional British Secret Intelligence Service agent has also been used in the longest running and most financially successful English-language film franchise to date, starting in 1962 with Dr. No.

If you knew this? Participate in the James Bond Quiz now!

Online Cricket Quiz is Live!!

The Online Cricket Quiz – World Cup Special is now Live!!

Participate here!!

Happy New Year 2011

Here’s wishing you and your family an extremely Happy & Prosperous New Year!! May 2011 bring you all the joy and success you ever wished for!!

We, at Quizzing.in promise to bring to you new quizzes and exciting new properties for your entertainment.

Have a great New Year!!



Quizzing.in- Facebook Page – One stop Quiz Shop

Are you one of the millions addicted to Facebook? Hate wasting time just staring at photos!! Use Facebook to follow the Top Quizzing Blogs in India.

The Quizzing.in Facebook page, which was started a few months back, is now one of the most active Quiz Pages – with over 13000 hits a day..

The Quizzing.in Page utilizes the feed of over 25 of India’s most popular Quiz sites and it appears on the page and your News feed immediately- thus making it a One-stop-Quiz-Shop for all Quizzers.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re on Facebook, you ought to like the Quizzing.in Page right here, right now!!

Get updates from various blogs! Latest News!! Quiz Questions! Details on Offline Quizzes & Online Quizzes! Like the Quizzing.in Page to keep up to date!!

First Online IT Quiz – Answers and Results

Thank you for participating in the First ever Online IT Quiz by Quizzing.in .

Thanks to the overwhelming response the organizers and sponsors have agreed to increase the number of prizes! Now, the Top 5 scores get gift vouchers from our sponsors – Digit (2)and NoMoreQueue (3).

NoMoreQueue ahs also promised to provide 50 discount coupons to 50 Lucky Winners (picked on random-lot basis)

For now, the Top Scorers:

Abhishek Nag
Nitin Rao
Anup Kumar
Ashwin P
Sachin Ravi

Please Note: Multiple participants were tied with the same score and we used the Time taken to answer the quiz to decide on the winner.

Find below the answers

If you are a Tata Crucible Aspirant, do read The Definitive Guide to Tata Crucible Preparation
TCS IT Wiz participants can also browse our archives