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Under the Peepal Tree 2012

RV QuizCorp presents Under the Peepal Tree 2012, India’s largest quiz fest on 30th, 31st March 2012 & 1st April 2012. There will be six quizzes, first five are college level quizzes and the last one is an Open Quiz

30th March 2012
Indigenius Quiz, the India Quiz at 9.30 am
Sci Tech Quiz, the Science & Technology Quiz at 2.00 pm

31st March 2012
Game Theory, the Sports Quiz at 9.30 am
Lieut-en-Ent Quiz ,the Literature & Entertainment Quiz at 2.00 pm

1st April 2012
Major Open, the General Quiz at 10.00 am
Magnum Open, the General Open Quiz at 3.00 pm

Please check www.utpt.blogspot.com for more details.
And the facebook group –http://www.facebook.com/events/237374949687661/

Bring Your Own Brain | Quizzes at Sastra University

SASTRA University is proud to present Bring Your Own Brain(BYOB),a quiz weekend in the lead up to our annual inter-college cultural festival Kuruksastra, with a total prize money of INR 50000 to be won!

The quizzes are:
#1 Sports Quiz (Maximum of three per team)
#2 Biz Quiz(Maximum of three per team)
#3 Sci-Tech Quiz(Maximum of three per team)
#4 Lone wolf (General) quiz.
Dates: 17/03/2012, 18/03/2012 (Detailed schedule will be intimated via FB/quiz blogs by midweek).
Venue: SASTRA University, Tanjore – 613401
Please note:
1) Registration fee: Rs. 150 (for non-SASTRA participants only), valid for all quizzes and for all events at Kuruksastra 12 (from 23/03/2012 to 25/03/2012)
2) Accommodation will be provided at a cost of Rs. 50 per person per night starting from Friday night.
3) Mixed college teams are allowed for quizzes #1,2 and 3.
For more details, contact
Vignesh Vijayakumar +919840413654
Srinath S  +919943649462

Kurukshetra '12 | Quiz Schedule

College of Engineering, Guindy’s
techno-management festival ‘Kurukshetra’ will be having four quizzes this year. The
timings and schedule are as follows :

K! SciTech Quiz  – Inter-collegiate. Teams of 3. Mixed Teams allowed
February 2nd (Thursday). Prelims at 12 noon.
Prize money of over INR 20,000.

K! Biz Quiz – College – Inter-collegiate. Teams of 2. Mixed teams allowed.
February 3rd (Friday). Prelims at 5 pm.
Around INR 30,000 up for grabs.

K! Biz Quiz – Corporate – Teams of 2. Mixed teams allowed.
Registration fee of Rs. 500 per team.
February 4th (Saturday). Prelims at 2.30 pm.
Around INR 40,000 up for grabs.

K! Open Quiz – Teams of 3. Registration fee of Rs. 50 per team.
February 4th (Saturday). Prelims at 6 pm.
Prize money over INR 40,000.

Contact : 9003925929 – Rohit. S

More details: http://kurukshetra.org.in/2012/#!/Home.k

Quizzes | Techkriti '12

Techkriti, IIT Kanpur is organising a series of quizzes under the name of Episteme.

Quiz: General Quiz
Quizmaster:Arul Mani

Quiz: Science Quiz
Quizmaster: Prof. H.C. Verma

Quiz: Tech Quiz
Quizmaster:Arul Mani

Fest :Techkriti

Host: IIT Kanpur

Date:27-30 January 2012

Open to:All college-going students.

Official Website:http://techkriti.org/#/competitions/Episteme/

MindSpark 2011 | Quiz Info

MindSpark is the annual Technical Festival of the College of Engineering, Pune.

This year MindSpark will play host to 4 quizzes from27th- 29th December 2011. Specifics Below.
 For any additional clarifications. visit http://www.mind-spark.org/chaanaksha.php.

1. Chakravyuh- the Open General Quiz

Wednesday , 28th December 2011

Timing: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Venue: The Auditorium, College of Engineering, Pune Weblink: http://www.mind-spark.org/chakravyuh.php   
Chakravyuh has been one of Pune’s best known open quizzes for many years now. A general quiz that is literally based on anything and everything under the sun, the participants of this quiz can range from college students to software professionals. Chakravyuh has gone on to produce quizzers who would later perform exceptionally well at national level quizzes. Previous years have elicited fantastic participation and the prize money remains as sweet as ever.
Status: Open Quiz (Anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

2. Torquest- The Scince and Technology quiz

Tuesday, 27th December, 2011

We wouldn’t really be an institute of excellence in technical education unless our students were sound in their technical knowledge and fundas. Pit your love for technology against ours. Brush up your theory and find out how much you could actually apply it when you go out into the mad, mad world. Science and technology are inseparable, and this is a quiz where the passion for both would find a home.
Status: Open Quiz (anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

3. Qonnoisseur- The MELA Quiz

Thursday, 29th December, 2011

Weblink: http://www.mind-spark.org/qonnoisseur.php

There’s not really much to introduce to this classic format. We’re looking for people who read a lot of classics, watch a lot of movies and critique works of art in your spare time, then you’re the kind of person who just might have a shot at winning this quiz. Prove yourself to be the ultimate savant in all things related to media and culture.
Status: Open Quiz (Anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

4. 10^-9- The Nanotechnology Quiz Tuesday, 27th December, 2011

Wednesday, 28th December, 2011
From nanotubes to colloids to powder technology. You need to know it all to crack this one. Dodge a volley of questions and advance in your quest to conquer the material world for this is the Nanotechnology quiz. The winner takes it all.
Status: College Quiz (I Cards required)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.
Total Prize Money to be won : Rs 80, 000/- Goodies for participants and Loads of Audience Prizes (Movie Tickets, Magazines, Anti Virus Packs, Developer Keys, T Shirts etc.)
For more details contact:
Himanshu Panandikar +91 90497 25707 (chakravyuh@mind-spark.org)
Mihir Khatwani +91 97647 707747 (torquest@mind-spark.org)
Neelima Jha +91 90283 59871(qonnoisseur@mind-spark.org)
Nilesh Adhav +91 96658 45872(nano@mind-spark.org)


Quiz Info from KQA

We will hold ASKQANCE 2011, KQA’s 28th Anniversary Quizzing Festival in two parts during June 2011.

Askqance School and College Quizzes
Date: Sunday 19 June 2011

Venue: St. John’s Auditorium, Koramangala, Bangalore.

The events planned include a Middle-School Championship (Std.V-VII), a High School Championship (Std VIII-X), a Junior College Championship (PUC/XI and XII) and a College Championship (PUC to PG)

Askqance Open Quizzes
Date: Friday 24 June 2011, Saturday 25 June 2011 and Sunday 26 June 2011.
Venue: Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bangalore.

Some Chennai wit called our 2010 anniversary ‘the Woodstock of Quizzing’. On the same theme, another Chennai wag sent us the suggestion that we should call this year’s anniversary ‘a KQArian Exposition of Peace, Love and Quizzing’.

We blenched a little bit and complained a lot about the consequences of exposure to the Cooum. Having recovered, we now undertake to provide the quizzing; those who turn up will have to organise their own peace and love.

The events planned:
June 24th: 1600hrs onwards
History of Ideas Quiz, followed by the Travel Quiz.
Both are for teams of two members.

June 25th: 0930hrs onwards
Open Science Quiz (teams of 4)
Mega-Whats Face-off Semi-Final I
Mega-Whats Face-off Semi-Final II
Open Film Quiz (teams of 2)

June 26th: 0930hrs onwards
Sports and Leisure Quiz (teams of 2)
Sesame–The General Open Quiz (Teams of 4)
Mega-Whats Face-off Final

All of the sixteen teams that qualified for the Mega-Whats Face-off have confirmed that they will be present. Thus, two teams from Chennai, five teams from Bangalore, two teams from Mumbai,and one team each from Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Panaji, Pune, Thrissur and Coimbatore will contest for the title of National Open Quizzing champions.

Do come!

Thank you

Arul Mani

Under the Peepal Tree 2011

RV QuizCorp, The Quiz Club of RV College of Engineering, Bangalore in association with SunGard proudly presents to you, Under The Peepal Tree 2011 (UTPT), the 13th edition of the national level quizzing fest on the 18th, 19th and 20th of March, 2011. This year’s edition includes : India, Sport, Sci Tech, Lit-ent,General(college) and General (open) quizzes.

Quality quizzes and prizes worth Rs.1.2 lakh beckon you!!

The Schedule is as follows:

Friday, 18th March 2011 at RVCE, Mysore Road

9:30am : Indi-genius (India Quiz)
2:00pm : Ψ-Tech (Science and Technology Quiz)

Saturday, 19th March 2011 at RVCE, Mysore Road

9:30am : Game Theory (Sports Quiz)
2:00pm : Lieut-en-ent (Literature and Entertainment Quiz)

Sunday, 20th March 2011 at RV Teacher’s College, Jayanagar

10:00am : The Major Quiz (General quiz) for college teams
3:00pm : Magnum Open (Open-Gen quiz)- Open to all and Corporate teams. Quiz Master: Nitish Khadiya

There are prizes for the Best School, College and Corporate Team in the Magnum Open Quiz.


Visit http://utpt.blogspot.com/ and follow us on Twitter @rvquizcorp


For Further details contact: Chaitanya: +91 9742506054, Sreenivas- +91 9916564867


BQC-IIT Bombay Open 2011

The inaugural Bombay Open series of quizzes is being brought to you by the Bombay Quiz Club and IIT Bombay. The event is happening on Sunday, March 6th at IIT Powai (Lecture Hall Complex, opposite KReSIT) and comprises 4 quizzes:

Gen Quiz for Colleges (mixed college teams allowed, school teams are also welcome)
Timings: 10 am to 12:30 pm
Quiz Masters: Vikram Joshi and Pradeep Ramarathnam supported by the IIT research team of Rushabh Shah & Eeshan Malhotra
Cash  prizes: 1st prize – Rs. 6K, 2nd prize – Rs. 4K, 3rd prize Rs. 2.5K, 4th, 5th, 6th places – Rs. 1K each, 7th and 8th places Rs 750 each.
College Sci-Tech Quiz (mixed college teams allowed, school teams are also welcome)
Timings: 12:30 pm onwards
Quiz Masters: Mukund Madhav, Eeshan Malhotra
Prizes: worth Rs 5K+
Open Sports Quiz
Timings: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Quiz Masters: Anand Sivashankar, Anannya Deb and Atul Mathew supported by the IIT research team of Rahul Gaur & Ishan Shrivastava
Cash Prizes: 1st prize – Rs 9K, 2nd prize – Rs 4.5K, 3rd prize – Rs 2.5K, 4th – 8th places – Rs 1000 each.
Open General Quiz
Timings: 4:15 pm to 7:45 pm
Quiz Masters: Sumant Srivathsan, Vibhendu Tewari and Rajiv Rai supported by the IIT research team of Ashwin Krishnan, Antariksh Bothale, Nidhi Shanbhag.
Cash Prizes: 1st prize – Rs 12K, 2nd prize – Rs 8K, 3rd prize – Rs 4K, 4th – 8th places – Rs 1000 each.
Prize for the best college team based on prelims scores.
Audience prizes through the day (worth Rs 5K).
Please note the following rules and regulations:
1) All participants are required to get a valid photo ID. In case of college students this should be a valid college ID card.
2) All quizzes for teams of 3.
3) Entry fee for open quizzes – Rs 150 per team. There is no registration fee payable by students. Spot registration.
4) No accommodation arrangement in IIT. The quiz timings do allow participants to come in by the first flight and leave by the last flight to most major cities in India.
You can contact Mukund Madhav (9930735131) from IITB for any clarifications.
Top flight quiz masters, top notch prize money (over Rs 70K in cash) and the scenic IIT Powai for setting. Can we ask for more? Yes, we need your enthusiastic participation to complement the event and make it an annual fixture.
Obligatory Question:
In Salman Rushdie’s latest book, Luka’s father – the storyteller Rashid Khalifa has been cursed into an unrousable sleep. Luka must navigate various worlds, negotiate the folds of time, and bring home the Fire of Life that can save his father. The boy’s original allies on this task are a dog and a bear. Name them.
A) The dog is called Bear and the bear is called Dog



Episteme @ Techkriti 2011


  • General Quiz – Impossible to hold a quiz event without a gen quiz. So, brace up for everything that’s under the sun and even far beyond it. Quiz Master: Manimugdha Sharma

  • Science Quiz – Trifling investment of five senses. Get ready to be quizzed by Prof. H.C. Verma!

  • Biz Quiz – Brands, companies, mergers, acquisitions, corporate scandals, ad campaigns, stocks and all. Quiz Master: Vijay Anand Menon(MnA)

  • ψφ Quiz – Science fiction: movies, novels, comics, video games, TV series. Quiz Master:Arnav Sinha(MnA)


  • Teams of 3 or less

  • On-the-spot registration

Exquizzit @ Aarohan 2011

K! Quizzes @ Kurukshetra '11

Anna University proudly presents Kurukshetra, the Techno Management Festival of CEG, which takes place from February 2 to 5. The tradition of high class quizzing continues this year as well with a whole host of quizzes lined up.

1. K! SciTech Quiz – A Science and Technology Quiz only for college students. Teams of three. Mixed college teams are allowed.
This is on February 3rd (Thursday)

2. K! Biz Quiz – The Business Quiz, conducted by Mr. Gopal Kidao. The Biz Quiz has separate Student and Corporate editions.

Teams of two. Mixed teams (both college and corporate) are allowed.
The Student Biz Quiz is on February 4th (Friday).
The Corporate Biz Quiz is on February 5th (Saturday).

3. K! Open Quiz – The big one, being hosted by Dr. Navin Jayakumar. Open to all. Teams of three.
Prize money over INR 40,000.
K! Open Quiz is on February 5th.

For further details, contact Rohit. Suresh – +919003925929

Official Site: http://kurukshetra.org.in/

ROMIS: Rise of Modern Indian Science Quiz

The ‘Rise of Modern Indian Science’ Quiz is now coming to the top four metros of the country – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.
Date: 9th January 2011
Time: 12 to 1 PM
Department of Management Studies,
Vishvakarma Bhavan, IIT Delhi, Delhi.
TEQIP Building, 1st Floor
Jadavpur University
Raja S.C. Mullick Road
Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Main Auditorium)
King’s Circle, GTB Nagar,
Sion Koliwada Lane, Matunga
Mumbai – 400019,
P S Senior Secondary School,
Alamelumangapuram, Saradapuram, Mylapore
Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Open to: Undergraduate Students
Teams of: Two ( from the same college)
For details about Rules & Regulations:
Please visit http://www.romisquiz.com/ and download the entry form.
Last date for emailing  your entry forms is 8th January 2011.
On the spot entries will be considered on the basis of availability of seats at the venue.
Email: romisquiz@gmail.com / admin@romisquiz.com

Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz

Find below details of the 8th Edition of Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz

Chennai : Nov 19th – Abhishek Tapadar & S Abhinav (PS Senior Secondary School)

New Delhi : Nov 24th – Sarthak Wamal & Yashdeep Singh ( DPS, Noida)

Pune:  Nov 25th 2010 –

Kolkata: Nov 27th 2010 – Vidya Mandir No 1 , Moira Street, Kolkata

Bangalore: Dec 5th 2010 – St. John’s Auditorium

Quizmaster: Ochintya Sharma

For more details please check the Official Site here: Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz

Review of 2009 Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz here


The Department of Science and Technology are happy to announce a new 13 episode TV quiz on Indian Science, ROMIS – The Rise of Modern Indian Science!

Open to:

This quiz is for students who are doing their undergraduate studies in India.

All students pursuing their undergraduate studies are welcome to participate, irrespective of the nature of the course. This quiz is not limited to Science students.

The team needs to consist of two members from the same college and name of one student needs to be provided as a standby. Only one team from a college can participate.

Preliminary Selection:

Date: 21st November 2010

Time: 1 pm to 2 pm

Venue : 1/50, ISS Building, Lalita Park (Laxmi Nagar), Near Gurudwara and Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092.

To enter, please visit our website http://www.romisquiz.com/ and download the entry form. Last date for emailing us your entry forms is 20th November 2010.

For more details:

Email: romisquiz@gmail.comadmin@romisquiz.com

Website : www.romisquiz.com

Dr M.S.Ramaiah Memorial Intercollegiate QuizFest '10

Details of Quiz fest at MSRIT, Bangalore campus on October 2 and October 3.

The poster has also been attached. The details are given below

2nd Oct:

 10:00 AM – Sci Tech Quiz – 9.30 AM

 1:30 PM – SpLitEnt – Sports, Literature & Entertainment Quiz – 1.30 PM

 3rd Oct:

 9:00 AM – Dr MS Ramaiah Memorial General Quiz – QM – Thejaswi Udupa – 9AM  1:30 PM – India Quiz – 1.30 PM

  Thematic Quizzes prize money – 3k, 2k and 1k.

 Dr MS Ramaiah Memorial General Quiz – 6k,4k, 2k.


   – Prizes for the best school team and audience prizes too!

   – No cross college teams allowed.

   – Max of 3 members in a team from the same school/college.

   – NO registration fee whatsoever. Registration will be on the spot.

   – Cross college teams not allowed.

   – A valid college ID is required.

   – All quizzes start on time. 

 For any other updates and rules, please check out :


– Srikanth

NSIT Quizfest 2010

Quizzes @ Kurukshetra ’10


SciTech Quiz– Open to Students only

Biz Quiz- Separate Rounds for Students(mixed teams allowed) and Corporates (no mixed teams) (QM: Gopal Kidao)

Open Quiz: Self Explanatory (QM: Navin Jayakumar)

Host: CEG, Anna University, Chennai

Date: 21st-23rd January 2010

More Details: http://kurukshetra.org.in/events/

Quizzes @ Kurukshetra '10


SciTech Quiz– Open to Students only

Biz Quiz- Separate Rounds for Students(mixed teams allowed) and Corporates (no mixed teams) (QM: Gopal Kidao)

Open Quiz: Self Explanatory (QM: Navin Jayakumar)

Host: CEG, Anna University, Chennai

Date: 21st-23rd January 2010

More Details: http://kurukshetra.org.in/events/

Sutra @ IIM-Indore

Jack Kilby Science and Technology Quiz- Winners

The final rounds of Texas Instruments science and technology quiz was held at St John’s auditorium, Bangalore on Sunday(22nd November 2009). 

This year, Sri Kumaran Public School’s (Bangalore) Atihith K and Subham Nandy, both Class 9 students, won at the regional and national finals. Beating last year’s finalists S Varun Raja Gopal and V Harish Krishna from Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Chennai, the Kumaran team went on to win Sony Vaio notebooks.

The regional quiz round started on October 30 in Kolkatta, followed by Delhi, Chennai and Pune. In the regional round in Bangalore held on Sunday, 55 schools, 261 teams and 522 children participated. Also, at the regional round, Anjana Krishnamurthy won the `lonely discoverer of hidden talent’ award.

At the regional finals, the Kumaran team from Bangalore won the first prize, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondry School, Chennai, was first runner-up and Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad, came third. Other teams were from Abhinaya Vidyalaya English Medium High School, Pune and Birla High School, Kolkata.

Winner Shubham expressed joy in winning and anxiety in facing a school test to be held on Monday. “I had dual pressure. One from my teammate Atihith to prepare for the quiz, and second from my parents to prepare for tomorrow’s test.”

Atihith said his school team won the third prize last year. “This year, our head madam wanted us to come first. We are happy for achieving it,” said Atihith.

According to the winning team, it was daily learning habits like reading newspapers and science magazines, which helped them to prepare for the quiz.

B Bobby Mitra, president and MD, Texas Instrument, India, said: “This is the seventh year of the national-level quiz. We plan to expand it to more cities.”

The Quiz is conducted by: Ochintya Sharma of KQA

News Courtesy: TOI