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Bring Your Own Brain | Quizzes at Sastra University

SASTRA University is proud to present Bring Your Own Brain(BYOB),a quiz weekend in the lead up to our annual inter-college cultural festival Kuruksastra, with a total prize money of INR 50000 to be won!

The quizzes are:
#1 Sports Quiz (Maximum of three per team)
#2 Biz Quiz(Maximum of three per team)
#3 Sci-Tech Quiz(Maximum of three per team)
#4 Lone wolf (General) quiz.
Dates: 17/03/2012, 18/03/2012 (Detailed schedule will be intimated via FB/quiz blogs by midweek).
Venue: SASTRA University, Tanjore – 613401
Please note:
1) Registration fee: Rs. 150 (for non-SASTRA participants only), valid for all quizzes and for all events at Kuruksastra 12 (from 23/03/2012 to 25/03/2012)
2) Accommodation will be provided at a cost of Rs. 50 per person per night starting from Friday night.
3) Mixed college teams are allowed for quizzes #1,2 and 3.
For more details, contact
Vignesh Vijayakumar +919840413654
Srinath S  +919943649462

Croma Tech Grand Masters | Season – 2

Croma Tech Grand Masters, Season – 2

After an incredible first season, NDTV Good Times in partnership with Big Synergy are back with the second season of their trailblazing quiz show on technology, The Croma Tech Grand Masters.

Your knowledge will be tested yet again on the latest gadgets, path breaking innovations and landmarks in the world of technology.

If you think you did not get enough of technology and quizzing to make your tech-savvy self, content – then here’s your chance.

As in the previous edition, the show will provide a platform to all the techies between the age group of 16-40 years to test their tech quotient.

An all India preliminary test followed by a screening of video capsules sent to us by your team, will decide the 32 qualifying teams for the television rounds.

Every week, the show will see teams from schools, colleges and corporates battling it out, over grueling rounds of questioning by none other than the Tech Guru himself – Rajiv Makhni.

So stake your claim to be India’s next Croma Tech Grand Masters!

Call for entries close on 24th February, 2012.

Kurukshetra '12 | Quiz Schedule

College of Engineering, Guindy’s
techno-management festival ‘Kurukshetra’ will be having four quizzes this year. The
timings and schedule are as follows :

K! SciTech Quiz  – Inter-collegiate. Teams of 3. Mixed Teams allowed
February 2nd (Thursday). Prelims at 12 noon.
Prize money of over INR 20,000.

K! Biz Quiz – College – Inter-collegiate. Teams of 2. Mixed teams allowed.
February 3rd (Friday). Prelims at 5 pm.
Around INR 30,000 up for grabs.

K! Biz Quiz – Corporate – Teams of 2. Mixed teams allowed.
Registration fee of Rs. 500 per team.
February 4th (Saturday). Prelims at 2.30 pm.
Around INR 40,000 up for grabs.

K! Open Quiz – Teams of 3. Registration fee of Rs. 50 per team.
February 4th (Saturday). Prelims at 6 pm.
Prize money over INR 40,000.

Contact : 9003925929 – Rohit. S

More details: http://kurukshetra.org.in/2012/#!/Home.k

Quizzes | Techkriti '12

Techkriti, IIT Kanpur is organising a series of quizzes under the name of Episteme.

Quiz: General Quiz
Quizmaster:Arul Mani

Quiz: Science Quiz
Quizmaster: Prof. H.C. Verma

Quiz: Tech Quiz
Quizmaster:Arul Mani

Fest :Techkriti

Host: IIT Kanpur

Date:27-30 January 2012

Open to:All college-going students.

Official Website:http://techkriti.org/#/competitions/Episteme/

MINDSWEEP 2012 | Quiz Info


It is with pleasure that we announce the inaugural edition of KQA’s International Solo Championship, titled MindSweep.

We have confirmations from the United Kingdom and the United States, and a few more countries will probably participate.

Mindsweep will be held during the weekend comprising Saturday, 7 January and Sunday 8 January 2012.

The quiz will require participants to answer 200 questions–in two sessions of 60 minutes each with a 30 minute break between sessions for corrections. Please register in advance using the form on this page.

The quiz is split into 10 sections of 20 questions each and is set by Dibyendu Das, Kiran Vijayakumar and Arul Mani.

  1. The Arts: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Design, Architecture, Installation Art, Dance, Theatre
  2. Science and Tech: Concepts in the Sciences, History and Philosophy of Science, History of Technology, The Environment, Astronomy, Medicine, Inter-disciplinary work, Popular Science Writing
  3. Literature: Poetry, Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, Genre Fiction, Graphic Novels, Critics, Literary History, Translation
  4. Social Sciences: History, Anthropology, Cultural Studies/Social History, History of Ideas, Economics,The Philosophers
  5. Business: Brands, Fashion, Business History, Advertising
  6. Sports and Leisure: Sporting History, Games, Television, Gaming, Sports-Writing, Sports-Coverage, Hobbies–Collecting, Gardening, Fan-communities, The Internet
  7. Cinema: Hollywood, National Cinemas, World Cinema, Film Genres, Film-Technology, Film-language, Cinema & Society. Film-writing
  8. Music: Instruments, Performers, Genre Music, World Music, Tech Innovations, Music-magazines, Music industry, Music-journalism
  9. Food & Drink: From all over the world.
  10. Connections


Being knowledgeable and cognizant is futile, if one cant apply, reason or think rationally

Cudgel your brains for the most grueling and challenging business quiz in India.


The quiz master is renowned Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramanium. 24 teams ( campus + corporate ) will qualify for the semi final rounds, out of which the competition will be filtered down to the best 12 teams (campus + corporate ) battling it out in the final round.

The final round will take place at the NIMHANS Convention Center in Bangalore.


Event details :


Rewards :

1st Place : Rs. 50,000.

2nd Place : Rs. 25,000.


Qualifying Rounds :

In – Station Colleges

The qualifying rounds for in station colleges will take place on 14th Jan 2012, where the top 7 colleges will then qualify for the semi-finals which will take place on 2nd Feb 2012.

Out – Station Colleges

The qualifying rounds & semi finals will take place directly on 2nd Feb 2012.


Semi – finals:

The top 12 teams from the qualifying rounds move on to the semi finals, where the top 6 teams qualify for the finals




Rewards :

1st Place : Rs. 75,000.

2nd Place : Rs. 35,000.


Qualifying Rounds :

In – Station Corporate Teams

The qualifying rounds for In – station corporate teams will take place on 14th Jan 2012, where the top 7 teams will then qualify for the semi-finals which will take place on 2nd Feb 2012.

Out – Station Corporate Teams

The qualifying rounds & semi finals will take place directly on 2nd Feb 2012.


Semi – final :

The top 12 teams from the qualifying rounds move on to the semi finals, where the top 6 teams qualify for the finals



Registrations :

To register please send in your details and the form attached to  ” precipice2012@cms.ac.in ”

Registration Form : Download


Rules & Regulations :

  • The registration fee for all teams is Rs 200
  • Each team must comprise of 2 members.
  • The event is open to students from all streams of study.
  • Multiple entries are allowed from each institute.
  • Registrations will happen at the venue.
  • All prelims will be written.
  • The amount for train tickets will be refunded for the teams that qualify for the final round in Bangalore*, subject to submission of the tickets.
  • Participants must carry valid ID Cards.
  • The decision of the quizmaster will be final and binding.
  • Each contestant is expected to maintain discipline and decorum at the event.
 * Conditions Apply.

MindSpark 2011 | Quiz Info

MindSpark is the annual Technical Festival of the College of Engineering, Pune.

This year MindSpark will play host to 4 quizzes from27th- 29th December 2011. Specifics Below.
 For any additional clarifications. visit http://www.mind-spark.org/chaanaksha.php.

1. Chakravyuh- the Open General Quiz

Wednesday , 28th December 2011

Timing: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Venue: The Auditorium, College of Engineering, Pune Weblink: http://www.mind-spark.org/chakravyuh.php   
Chakravyuh has been one of Pune’s best known open quizzes for many years now. A general quiz that is literally based on anything and everything under the sun, the participants of this quiz can range from college students to software professionals. Chakravyuh has gone on to produce quizzers who would later perform exceptionally well at national level quizzes. Previous years have elicited fantastic participation and the prize money remains as sweet as ever.
Status: Open Quiz (Anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

2. Torquest- The Scince and Technology quiz

Tuesday, 27th December, 2011

We wouldn’t really be an institute of excellence in technical education unless our students were sound in their technical knowledge and fundas. Pit your love for technology against ours. Brush up your theory and find out how much you could actually apply it when you go out into the mad, mad world. Science and technology are inseparable, and this is a quiz where the passion for both would find a home.
Status: Open Quiz (anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

3. Qonnoisseur- The MELA Quiz

Thursday, 29th December, 2011

Weblink: http://www.mind-spark.org/qonnoisseur.php

There’s not really much to introduce to this classic format. We’re looking for people who read a lot of classics, watch a lot of movies and critique works of art in your spare time, then you’re the kind of person who just might have a shot at winning this quiz. Prove yourself to be the ultimate savant in all things related to media and culture.
Status: Open Quiz (Anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

4. 10^-9- The Nanotechnology Quiz Tuesday, 27th December, 2011

Wednesday, 28th December, 2011
From nanotubes to colloids to powder technology. You need to know it all to crack this one. Dodge a volley of questions and advance in your quest to conquer the material world for this is the Nanotechnology quiz. The winner takes it all.
Status: College Quiz (I Cards required)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.
Total Prize Money to be won : Rs 80, 000/- Goodies for participants and Loads of Audience Prizes (Movie Tickets, Magazines, Anti Virus Packs, Developer Keys, T Shirts etc.)
For more details contact:
Himanshu Panandikar +91 90497 25707 (chakravyuh@mind-spark.org)
Mihir Khatwani +91 97647 707747 (torquest@mind-spark.org)
Neelima Jha +91 90283 59871(qonnoisseur@mind-spark.org)
Nilesh Adhav +91 96658 45872(nano@mind-spark.org)



The third edition of Mega-Whats, KQA’s National Open Quizzing Championship will be held on December 11, 2011.

The quiz will be held across thirteen cities simultaneously. Apart from Bangalore, we have confirmations from Chennai, Guwahati, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Mysore, New Delhi, Pune, Thrissur, and Thiruvananthapuram.

Venues in each city are listed here: http://kqaquizzes.org/2011/11/29/mega-whats-2011-venues/

UPDATE: Online registrations are now closed. You can register on-the-spot at the venue.

View the list of registered teams.

The details:

Date: Sunday, 11 December 2011

General quiz, open to all.

Teams of FOUR members (or less).

Prior registration is essential.

To register, please use the form on this page.

Please provide the names of the four people who comprise your team; also indicate whether you are taking part in the school, college or open categories

Registrations will close on Tuesday 6th December 2011. City co-ordinators will allow entries after the cut-off date at their discretion.

Please note that the quizzing community in your city may charge an entry fee to meet venue and equipment hire expenses.

The school category is open only to teams comprising students from Std. VIII-X

School teams ( Std. VIII-X) are allowed free entry. A school may field ONE team.

Please report by 1430hrs at the venue in your city. Since we need to ensure a coordinated start nationwide, the quiz will start at 1500hrs sharp. The doors will be closed five minutes before we begin.

Contesting teams will answer in writing a quiz of six sections and about sixty questions, inclusive of audios, videos and visuals.

Answers and scores will be announced immediately after the event–prizes will be given out for Best School Team, Best College Team, and Best Open Team.

The prizes aren’t small–they are insignificant.

We will rank the top 100 teams across the country–this list will go up by the 25th of December.

The rankings will be announced after adjudication. The decision of the quiz-masters will be final and binding on all participants.

The city-winners will face off in June 2012 as part of the KQA 29th Anniversary.

For more details, please call Arul Mani at 097312-14519.

AT&T History and Trivia

AT&T History and Trivia

AT&T History and Trivia is a Brand History and Trivia Page just like DellAdobeZippo and AOL.




The Blue Striped Marble


AT&T Inc.  is the largest provider of fixed telephony in the United States, and also provides broadband and subscription television services. It is also the largest provider of mobile telephony service in the United States.

Headquarters: Whitacre Tower, Downtown, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Chairman and CEO: Randall L. Stephenson

NYSE Ticker: T

AT and T History:

Southwestern Bell Corporation was officially transferred full ownership January 1, 1984. They had three subsidiaries: Southwestern Bell Publications, Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems and Southwestern Bell Telecommunications.

AT and T History and Trivia:

*The company was originally known as Southwestern Bell Corporation.

* Southwestern Bell Corporation was founded in 1983 as a Regional Bell Operating Company following the break-up of the original AT&T. The company changed its name in 1995 to SBC Communications Inc. and again in 2005 to AT&T Inc. after it purchased its former parent company, AT and T Corporation.

* The newly merged company took on the iconic AT&T logo and T stock-trading symbol (for “telephone”).

*On December 20, 2010, AT&T and Qualcomm announced that AT and T would buy $1.93 billion worth of spectrum from Qualcomm. Formerly used for FLO TV, this spectrum will be used to expand AT&T’s 4G wireless services.

*On March 20, 2011, AT&T announced its intention to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion from Deutsche Telekom. The deal comes with 33.7 million subscribers, making AT and T the largest mobile phone company in the United States.

* AT&T sponsors the world famous annual Red River Rivalry football game.

AT and T History of logos is shown below.

AT and T History Logo Timeline

AT and T History and Trivia is a Brand History and Trivia Page just like Dell and AOL.

Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz 2011 | Quiz Review

Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz 2011 | Quiz Review


Bangalore. 5th December, 2011.

Nalanda Talent School, Kolkata, represented by VSP Abhishek and R Sri Krishna, emerged as national winners of the Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz 2011 held in Bangalore on Sunday. The team overcame stiff competition from finalists from Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Bangalore. The trophy was presented by Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra, president & managing director, Texas Instruments (TI) India.

Sri Sankara Senior Sec School, Adayar, Chennai, and Sri Vidya Mandir High School, finished second and third respectively in the national finals. The event drew an enthusiastic response from school students from Bangalore who thronged the venue and passionately cheered the winners and the finalists. Members of the team that won the national finals were awarded attractive iPADs while their school was awarded a trophy.

Sri Vidya Mandir High School, National Public School, Indiranagar and Poornaprajna High School, Sadashivanagar, won the regional rounds for Bangalore. The Texas Instruments Science & Technology Quiz has provided a platform for bright, young students of Class 8, 9 and 10 to test their skills of inquiry and scientific thinking. “The talent displayed by students in five cities was amazing. These are the innovators of the future. The quiz has been successful in inculcating a scientific spirit among high school students in the country,” said Mitra.

Source: DNA.

Other quiz reviews at Nuclear Energy Quiz @ SIMT | Quiz Review and TIME Aqua Regia | Chennai Review.

Apple History and Trivia

APPLE History and Trivia

Silver Apple


Apple, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers.





Apple History-Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.


Founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Slogan/Tagline: Apple uses the slogan Think Different in advertising campaigns.


Headquarters: 1 Infinite Loop, California, USA.


Apple History: 

Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California, and incorporated January 3, 1977, the company was previously named Apple Computer, Inc., for its first 30 years, but removed the word “Computer” on January 9, 2007, to reflect the company’s ongoing expansion into the consumer electronics market in addition to its traditional focus on personal computers.




*APPLE’s LISA released in 1983 became the first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI. The Newton was Apple’s first foray into the PDA markets, as well as one of the first in the industry.


*In 1985, a power struggle developed between Jobs and CEO John Sculley, who had been hired two years prior. At a board meeting Apple’s board of directors sided with Sculley and removed Jobs from his managerial duties. Jobs resigned from Apple and founded NeXT Inc. the same year.


*In 1994, Apple allied with IBM and Motorola to form the AIM alliance.


*The company’s best-known hardware products include the Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Its latest product is the iPad 2.


*This Apple History of  products is  a huge list of all stand-alone Apple II, Macintosh, and other computers, as well as computer peripherals, expansion cards, software, ancillary products, and consumer electronics sold by Apple Inc.


*Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software; the iWork suite of productivity software


Apple History Logo:

The Apple History Logo is as shown below:

Apple History Logo Evolution










The logo is often erroneously referred to as a tribute to Alan Turing, with the bite mark a reference to his method of suicide. Both the designer of the logo –Rob Janoff and the company deny that there is any homage to Turing in the design of the logo.

The parody for the iPhone’s antenna problem:

Apple History iPhone Parody










Apple History and Trivia is a Brand History and Trivia Page just like AT&T, AdobeDell and AOL.

AOL History and Trivia

AOL History

– AOL Inc. (America Online) is an American global Internet services and media company.


Blue Monster

AOL Blue Monster Logo

NYSE Ticker: AOL


AOL began as a short-lived venture called Control Video Corporation (or CVC), founded by Bill von Meister.

Its sole product was an online service called GameLine for the Atari 2600 video game console after von Meister’s idea of buying music on demand was rejected by Warner Brothers. GameLine permitted subscribers to temporarily download games and keep track of high scores, at a cost of $1 per game. The telephone disconnected and the downloaded game would remain in GameLine’s Master Module and playable until the user turned off the console or downloaded another game.

The original technical team was composed of Marc Seriff, Tom Ralston, Ken Huntsman, Janet Hunter, Dave Brown, Steve Trus, Ray Heinrich, Craig Dykstra, and Doug Coward.

With regional branches around the world, it was the former American “goliath among Internet service providers”.

AOL History: Company Name ->Control Video Corporation>>Quantum Computer Services, Inc.>>America Online.


*In September 1993, AOL added USENET access to its features. This is commonly referred to as the “Eternal September”.

* When AOL decreased their service prices, connections would be flooded with users trying to get on, and many canceled their accounts due to constant busy signals .This was often joked “AOL” standing for “Always Off-Line”

*In 2001, when AOL had merged with Time Warner, it was called AOL Time Warner, Inc.

*On May 28, 2009, Time Warner announced that it would spin off AOL into a separate public company. The spinoff occurred on December 9, 2009, ending the eight year relationship between the two companies.

*TechCrunch and Huffington Post are its recent acquisitions.

* AOL presently has no fixed number of official logos.

* AOL had acquired Bebo.com – a social networking site in 2008 , which they later sold to Criterion Capital Partners in 2010

*AOL History of logos is shown below.

AOL History

AOL History Logo Evolution

*Its popular recruitment ad is shown below:


Work for AOL now.

AOL History is a Brand History and Trivia page just like Dell and Adobe

The Great Minds Tech Quiz Season 2 : Week#1 Winners

The Great Minds Tech Quiz Season 2 : Week#1 Winners

Day#1: 12th November – Balachander R (TechMonster)
Day#2: 13th November – Arindam Paul (East India Company)
Day#3: 14th November – Prempal Singh (Perpetual Motion Squad)
Day#4: 15th November – Yogesh K.S (TechGech)
Day#5: 16th November – Akshay P Karanth (TechGrandmasters)
Day#6: 17th November – Aniraj K (Hopeless Computer People)
Day#7: 18th November – Bhavya Chadha (tech_maniac)
Weekly Winner: Roopak V (Tech Dudes)
Please note that all winners will be contacted personally and provided details of prizes!

All those who haven’t won yet, Don’t worry! Lots of Quizzes left!
And if you haven’t participated yet, you should start Quick . Prizes to be won everyday – www.quizzing.in/onlinequiz
And for clues , help and quicker updates, join us on Facebook!

The Great Minds Tech Quiz – Season 2: Coming Soon!!

 The Great Minds Tech Quiz – Season 1 received over 1000 participants across 4 cities. After the success of the first season, IBM The Great Minds Tech Quiz – Season 2 is COMING SOON- Bigger and BETTER!! Stay tuned for more details..

All 7 Deadly Sins waiting to be Relished! Participate now!!


What a rocking Online Quiz we’ve had! Over 1000 participants across 7 days! But people want more…. On popular demand, we have opened all the 7 Quizzes till 20th October 2359 hrs. Login once and relish all the sins you missed out last week! This is your last chance to win that SEXY iPOD and Wrist Watch! Share it with your family and friends, ask them to participate and increase the chances of your close ones winning!

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Participate now in the 7 Deadly Sins: http://quizzing.in/onlinequiz

Mail us at priyanka@quizzing.in if you are facing any issues


Techfest National Open Quiz : Dates & Details

Techfest National Open Quiz


Techfest 2011-12 shall host the largest inter-institutional quiz in India, The “Techfest National Open Quiz 2011-12”. With a prize money of INR 1,00,000 for the grand finale and much more interesting prizes this quiz aims to bring together the best quizzers from across the nation. The quiz will be held at Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai and the winners of all the cities will finally clash during Techfest 2011-12 to claim the title of the Techfest National Open Quiz Champions.

Quizmaster: Rohit Nair

Note about quizmasterRohit Nair, the young and popular Quizmaster, has hosted numerous quiz shows including multi city quiz events for Mahindra, Government of Karnataka, IBM among others. His distinctive style, humour and passion make his quiz shows memorable. Co-founder of Quizworks, he heads the Content Architecture, New Service Design and Online Initiatives there. Much admired by the youth, he is also a national winner of the Young Leader contest hosted by Career Launcher. His brain child Quizzing.in is the most visited quiz blog in India.
Flavour: General
Format: Written prelims; Stage Finals with 6 teams. Winners to be invited to Techfest, IIT Bombay in January for the Grand Finale. Two members per team compulsary; No cross institutional teams strictly; Registrations on www.techfest.org/tnoq and also on the spot registrations; No entry fees

Pune: 11 am, 15th October,College of Engineering, Pune

Ahmedabad: 3 pm, 18th October, IIM Ahmedabad

Delhi: 1 pm, 22nd October, St Stephens, Delhi

Guwahati: 11 am, 30th October, KBR Hall, Cotton College.

Chennai: 2pm, 1st November, Dr MGR University

Hyderabad: 3 pm, 3rd November, ISB Hyderabad

Mumbai: 2pm, 6th November, IIT Mumbai.


Phone: Rohan (98901 06884) Email: rohan.k[at]techfest.org
           Arindam (97695 85892) Email: arindam[at]techfest.org


Award and Certificate policy
  • The finals in Techfest during January shall carry prize money of INR 1,00,000
  • The winner of each city shall be provided both sides travel to come to Mumbai for the finals 6th-8th January for the finals.
  • City rounds in shall have prizes worth INR 10,000.
  • The grand finalist, semifinalists and all final round qualifiers of the city rounds shall be awarded certificates of excellence


7 Deadly Sins | The Online Quiz Series

7 Deadly Sins 

7 Deadly Sins

The most Awaited Online Quiz Series!

7 Days, 7 Quizzes, 7 Sins!

Participate in One Quiz a Day and get a chance to win the Grand Prize!

Sin#1 Business Quiz : October 11th 2011

Sin#2 Tech Quiz : October 12th 2011

Sin#3 Cartoons Quiz: October 13th 2011

Sin#4 Fashion Quiz: October 14th 2011

Sin#5 Love Sex aur Dhokha Quiz : October 15th 2011 – Above 18 yrs ONLY!

Sin#6 Auto Quiz : October 16th 2011

Sin#7 Sports Quiz : October 17th 2011

Venue: www.quizzing.in/onlinequiz

7 Deadly Sins : Rules & Regulations

1) All Quizzes as part of the 7 Deadly Sins Quiz Series are online.

2) Quizzes are open to All irrespective of age, profession and gender *

3) Participants need to be registered on http://quizzing.in/onlinequiz to participate in the quizzes

4) Entries with all correct answers will be part of the Lucky Draw to choose Daily Winners ( 1 Daily Winner )

5) Participants need to participate in all the 7 Sins to be part of the Weekly Draw .

6) All Quizzes will be open only for 24hours . Answers and Scores can be found at the close of the Quiz

7) For any clarifications, login issues please contact priyanka@quizzing.in 

* All questions for the Business Quiz will be from the Brand Trivia Section on Quizzing.in

* We advice the LSD Quiz to be taken only by participants above the age of 18 yrs.

7 Deadly Sins – The Biggest Everr Online Quiz!

Techfest National Open Quiz

Techfest National Open Quiz


Crucifying the charm that corporate quizzing has taken away from college quizzes, we come back with the largest inter-institutional quiz in India with 7 city-centers and a staggering prize money of INR 1,00,000 for the winners.We bring back to you the only chance to crown your college as the champion of quizzing in India.

Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Guwahati, Ahmedabad and our very own Mumbai.


Every city makes its own claim but we shall decide who can retain its fame.

City Center
Pune College of Engineering, Pune            15th October
Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management          18th October
Delhi St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University 22nd October
Guwahati Cotton College                        30th October
Chennai Dr. M. G. R. University               1st November
Hyderabad Indian School of Business              3rd November
Mumbai Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay  6th November


The city rounds shall be held across the 7 cities in the months October-November and the winning team from every city shall be given an all-expense-paid trip to Mumbai to take part in the Grand Finale held during Techfest from 6th-8th January. Come January and the stage shall be set to decide the master from among the best. Techfest National Open Quiz Grand Finale with a cash prize of INR 1,00,000.
Overall prizes worth INR 2,00,000.

For further queries contact:

Rohan Khadatkar 
Manager, Events
Ph. +91 98901 06884
Shashwat Shukla 
Manager, Events
Ph. +91 99208 99445


Techfest National Open Quiz : Quizmaster


Rohit Nair, the young and popular Quizmaster, has hosted numerous quiz shows including multi city quiz events for Mahindra, Government of Karnataka, IBM among others. His distinctive style, humour and passion make his quiz shows memorable. Co-founder of Quizworks, he heads the Content Architecture, New Service Design and Online Initiatives there. Much admired by the youth, he is also a national winner of the Young Leader contest hosted by Career Launcher. His brain child Quizzing.in is the most visited quiz blog in India.

Techfest National Open Quiz Rules


Techfest 2011-12 shall host the Techfest National Open Quiz which shall be open to all students from class 9 onwards. The quiz is strictly to students only.
For complete Rules & Regulations , visit the Official Techfest National Open Quiz Page here


Register NOW for the Techfest National Open Quiz here

7 Deadly Sins – The Biggest Online Quiz Ever!

7 Deadly Sins – A Series of 7 Quizzes!!


A different Quiz everyday! Register NOW and don’t miss out on the GRAND Prizes to be won!



REGISTER NOW to participate in the most Exciting Online Quiz Series EVERR!! REGISTER HERE .

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7 Deadly Sins is a QuizWorks presentation

kenQuiz – Tech Master Challenge


Highlights below:
The quiz is on all things technology!
There is an online edition beginning June 16 till June 29; the winning team from this gets direct entry into the finals.
The offline prelims (from which 7 more teams will be chosen) and finals are at the Sasken HQ in Domlur, Bangalore on Saturday, July 2, 2011, starting at 0930 Hrs.
The quiz (online and offline) is open for corporates in teams of 2; team members can be from different companies, and from any industry
Please refer to kenquiz.sasken.com for more details and for the online quiz; the site will be live from tomorrow (June 16) morning
Please call any one of us for any clarifications.
Venky – +91 98457 19332
Vivek – +91 98450 79348
Navin – +91 81058 00776
Team Nexus