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Quiz Updates , Reviews and Questions!

Quiz Updates

Malayala Manorama won the quiz followed by Swadisht Foods. Questions from Tata Crucible Kochi Prelimsand Kochi Finals

Coimbatore 2011: Chennai Silks won the quiz making it their Hattrick year. Review and Questions from Crucible Coimbatore here

Nagpur 2011: Bhilai Steel Plant won the quiz followed by Think. Review and Questions fromNagpur 2011 Crucible here

Hyderabad: Infosys then went on to win Tata Crucible Hyderabad by closely beating IBM.

Bhubaneshwar: Previous National Champions Vizag Steel representated by Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey claim their spot in the 2011 Finals. Find the Bhubaneshwar Review and Questions here

19 cities this year.. Are you Ready for the Tata Crucible 2011?? National winners take home Rs 4 lakhs!! But worried you aren’t prepared yet? Participate in some of the older Tata Crucible quizzes and find out how you do here.


Upcoming Quiz – zes

Chennai Heroes awaiting the annual Landmark Quiz , get ready as the action is almost here. And worry not if you are not in Chennai as you can celebrate Independence Day with Quizzicus Indica at Bhubaneshwar.

And for the online junkies, B-Quizzed @ SIBM kicks off on 15th August through multi day online quizzes.

Mumbaikars get ready for iQuiz 2011 – one of the first Business Quizzes of the quizzing season on 28th August!

Students across Std 8 through 12 get ready to entertain yourself on Italian trivia as QuizItalia 2011 arrives to excite your brain cells

This is ofcourse to add to the Tata Crucible for Corporates , TCS IT Wiz for Schools and the  Mahindra Auto Quiz for Campus Students


Quiz : Brand Trivia

Do you know who is the World’s largest Tyre maker?

So, you’ve heard of Matchbox- now read more about Hot Wheels

Who has patented the Burping Seal sound?

Which cosmetics brand was founded by T.L Williams and named it by dedicating it to his sister?

Which company’s NYSE Ticker is DBD ?

Karl Esner’s company is named his company after his mother and the French for steel. Which company?

Do you remember the Sehwag ki Maa ad? Watch it again now!

What did Facebook acquire from the American Farm Bureau in 2010 for around $8 mn?

So which is the bigger company? Office Depot or Staples ?

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Weekly Wrap-Up: BQC! Tata Crucible Controversy, TCS IT Wiz, Brands, Questions & More

Live Quiz Update: BQC IS BACK!! READ NOW!!


Quiz Updates

The Tata Crucible Updates!!

The Tata Crucible has kicked off in style and as usual have covered all the cities’ questions for our readers.

Kochi was the most interesting start with Malayala Manorama winning the Kochi Edition comfortably followed by Swadisht Foods, who later got into controversy of mixed team allegations (Follow the allegation chain here) We were also aided by FACT’s Anil Raghavan who provided us the Kochi Finals questions as well

The Crucible juggernaut then went into Coimbatore where Chennai Silks won the contest for the third time in a row and were very unfortunately dragged into a mixed team controversy by one Mr ‘Honest Quizzer’ – These ‘controversies’ are now being checked by the Tata Crucible team.

The Tata Crucible then moved into Nagpur where AIMA quiz hosts – SPS Jaggi & Chandrashekhar had a thumping win representing Bhilai Steel Plant


TCS IT Wiz Updates!!

The Tatas & Greycaps seem to be totally caught up this month as they host the famed TCS IT Wiz for school students everytime they get a break from the Crucible.

The TCS IT Wiz rolled out in Bangalore with a lot of fanfare and St.Paul’s won the quiz followed Sri Kumaran’s CBSE. Questions from the prelims and Videos from the finals are available here

And while all this happens in the offline Quizzing World, over 500 people have played The Bollywood Quiz and are waiting for more!! Have you participated yet? If not, do NOW and win prizes!!

Beyond Quiz -zing

And as the days pass by , the Brand Section gets more and more data flowing in .

This week we saw how the brands Smirnoff, Guiness and Johnnie Walker are connected to Diageo? Is Bacardi also linked to Diageo- Find out..

We then followed the Goldman Sachs history from its rise to its fall. From Finance, we jumped to FMCG where we discussed Kraft Foods and its subsidiary Cadbury’s


And in the midst of all this, we have some Quizzes coming up across the country

Although restricted to college students, The Illuminati Quiz will make the students from Kerala wrack their brains on August 6th while IIFT Kolkata will do that through InQuizition on 13th.

The Corporates in Bangalore will have a chance to battle the rest in Corporate Classroom- A Concern India Foundation Quiz

While QuizWorks will rev Mahindra AQ’s gears in 20 cities across the country for college students!

This is ofcourse to add to the Tata Crucible for Corporates , TCS IT Wiz for Schools and the  Mahindra Auto Quiz for Campus Students

And to end on an interactive note- some questions from the Facebook Page

1)      Hero Honda has roped in which Bollywood director to direct a series of commercials as part of the company’s new corporate identity?

2)      This product was marketed under the brand name Luxor. This product was produced by Chesebrough Manufacturing Company until it was bought by the Unilever company.The founder of this product named it from the German language word from water and Greek language word for oil.This product is making news these days fro all the wrong reasons in the ongoing India-England Test series. Identify the product??

3)      PVH Corp (earlier Phillip Van Heusen) has agreed to buy the Indian rights of Tommy Hilfiger from whom?

4)      After the launch of its new model, which car is being advertised as ‘India drive khulke’

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Weekly Wrap-Up: Buick, Zippo, Tata Crucible, Harry Potter and how Quiz Works!

This week at , we checked the History and Trivia of 5 different brands and detailed 4 upcoming quizzes

As part of the Brand History & Trivia section, we discuss the History of Buick and wonder if Tiger Woods was discontinued as the brand ambassador, post his scandal.

We later wonder if Macy’s logo always had a star in it?

Have you wondered why and how companies change their logos? Find out why Opel made all these changes..

Ever wondered why the Zippo is such a cult phenomenon and how they provide Lifetime warranty for all their products?

Did you know that T.E.Stockholm and jack COhen’s (the founders) names gives rise to the brand TESCO -One of the world’s largest retailers!!

In the live Quizzing scene, we updated details of the Tata Crucible 2011 Corporate Edition, which kicks off with Kochi on 22nd July ..  Crucible Followers might already know that has the largest collection of previous Crucible questions and we have now made a single post with all the details. You can refer the previous Tata Crucible Questions here

And we move into the school Quizzing, where the Limca Book of Records 2011 edition has kicked off and we’ve added details of the latest cities in action too! You can even check the questions from the  Goa Edition of the LBR here

And as the Harry Potter rage kicks in with the final movie , our special Harry Potter Online Quiz comes to an end while Delhi celebrates with a live Quiz event called PottermaniaQs

And to add to all the fun, the Facebook page is raging with activity. Moderators and quizzers are pouring in with questions from previous Quizzes varying from Tata Crucible & BEQ to the latest Business and General Quizzes. Come join the 3200+ strong group and feel the action!!

And while all this happens Editor-in-Chief Rohit Nair talks to Rodinhood about Quizzing in India and how Quiz Works for him..