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Being knowledgeable and cognizant is futile, if one cant apply, reason or think rationally

Cudgel your brains for the most grueling and challenging business quiz in India.


The quiz master is renowned Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramanium. 24 teams ( campus + corporate ) will qualify for the semi final rounds, out of which the competition will be filtered down to the best 12 teams (campus + corporate ) battling it out in the final round.

The final round will take place at the NIMHANS Convention Center in Bangalore.


Event details :


Rewards :

1st Place : Rs. 50,000.

2nd Place : Rs. 25,000.


Qualifying Rounds :

In – Station Colleges

The qualifying rounds for in station colleges will take place on 14th Jan 2012, where the top 7 colleges will then qualify for the semi-finals which will take place on 2nd Feb 2012.

Out – Station Colleges

The qualifying rounds & semi finals will take place directly on 2nd Feb 2012.


Semi – finals:

The top 12 teams from the qualifying rounds move on to the semi finals, where the top 6 teams qualify for the finals




Rewards :

1st Place : Rs. 75,000.

2nd Place : Rs. 35,000.


Qualifying Rounds :

In – Station Corporate Teams

The qualifying rounds for In – station corporate teams will take place on 14th Jan 2012, where the top 7 teams will then qualify for the semi-finals which will take place on 2nd Feb 2012.

Out – Station Corporate Teams

The qualifying rounds & semi finals will take place directly on 2nd Feb 2012.


Semi – final :

The top 12 teams from the qualifying rounds move on to the semi finals, where the top 6 teams qualify for the finals



Registrations :

To register please send in your details and the form attached to  ” precipice2012@cms.ac.in ”

Registration Form : Download


Rules & Regulations :

  • The registration fee for all teams is Rs 200
  • Each team must comprise of 2 members.
  • The event is open to students from all streams of study.
  • Multiple entries are allowed from each institute.
  • Registrations will happen at the venue.
  • All prelims will be written.
  • The amount for train tickets will be refunded for the teams that qualify for the final round in Bangalore*, subject to submission of the tickets.
  • Participants must carry valid ID Cards.
  • The decision of the quizmaster will be final and binding.
  • Each contestant is expected to maintain discipline and decorum at the event.
 * Conditions Apply.

Times of Oman Open Quiz Contest, 15th Edition | Quiz Review

Times of Oman Open Quiz Contest, 15th Edition | Quiz Review

03 December 2011

MUSCAT: They came, they fought hard, and they conquered. After an exciting battle of grit, nerves and wit, a new champion team emerged at the 15th edition of the Times of Oman Open Quiz Contest (TOOOQC).

Know Brainers — the team comprising Sujatha Ashok, R. S. Sumanth and Raji Sumanth — put a stop to the dominance of the defending champions, Mostly Clueless, to lift the ultimate quizzing trophy in Muscat, at the packed-to-the-brim City Amphitheatre in Muscat on Thursday.

Four time champions Mostly Clueless — the team comprising Dr Anupam Kakaria, Shafeek M. K. and Shaheen Jamil — and last year’s runners up, Questionable Characters (Rohini Dinesh, Sushmita Gupta and Udayan Gupta) displayed amazing performances to put up a brave fight to finish second and third (after a tie-breaker) respectively.

ISG Sreeraag Mohan and team (Sreeraag Mohan T, Darshan Regi Kalathil, R. Rajaganapathy Sankar) were crowned the school quiz champions.

ISM Quizzing ISMiites (Rohan Karnawat, Srujan Keskar, Shuvankar Goswami) and ISG Anmol Kakaria and team (Anmol Kakaria, Fahd Rayees, Anirudh Sen) finished first and second runners up respectively.

But the true champions of the evening were, of course, the audiences, who turned up in huge numbers despite the rain clouds looming large over the skies. They didn’t allow the thoughts of inconvenience the rains could have brought to dissuade them from attending this Times of Oman event that’s so close to their hearts.

Speaking to Times of Oman, quizmaster Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramanium said, “My first reaction is that the true winners of today’s (Thursday’s) event are the audience of Muscat. No two ways about it. It is amazing that despite the climate that prevailed, people turned out in such large numbers. It is their reflection of solidarity to an event like this.”

Sharing his thoughts on the champions, Know Brainers, Giri said, “The winners were an outstanding team. They have been waiting in the wings for way too long. I think they will win a few more finals. It is just the beginning for them.”

About the runners up, Mostly Clueless and Questionable Characters, Giri said, “They were known and expected to do well. It was a few tactical errors here and there that led them to lose. Facts like not getting their hands to the buzzer fast enough cost them some points.”

Explaining that this has been the closest TOOOQC that Muscat has ever witnessed so far, Giri said, “That to me is the changing times. Till it got to the buzzer it was five teams battling. So I think it was outstanding.”

Giri also suggested that Times of Oman should now restart the school quiz.

“I am sure the public here who root for a knowledge property like the TOOOQC wants that and would welcome that,” Giri noted.

TOOOQC was presented by Samsung. The major sponsors were Muscat Pharmacy, Pocari Sweat, Perfumes and Cosmetics. The co-sponsors were Sohar Aluminum, Al Mudhish and Delicio. Jet Airways was the official airlines and Sixt was the official rent a car company.

The official hosts were Platinum Hotel. The venue sponsors were Badr Al Samaa, Oasis Water, Shah Nagardas Manji, E-Travels and Tours, Malabar Gold, New India Assurance, Hoshan Trading, Apparel International and Spicy Village. The prelims of TOOOQC was organised at the Indian School Ghubra auditorium.

Earlier, Lakshmi Kothaneth, host for the evening, gave a perfect start to the proceedings, welcoming the huge crowd which voice voted the decision to shift TOOOQC to the month of December.

The event was earlier held in the month of April.

The event started with the school quiz, with team members — ISM Unchartered (Ashwin Menon, Arun Philips, Daniel Joseph), PSM Crashers (Aly Reza, Hager Abdul Sami, Syed Tumail Jafri), ISD Master Minds (Pranav R Krishnan, Francis Cilwin, Hadi Jamal), ISG Anmol Kakaria and team (Anmol Kakaria, Fahd Rayees, Anirudh Sen), ISM Quizzing ISMiites (Rohan Karnawat, Srujan Keskar, Shuvankar Goswami), ISG Sreeraag Mohan and team (Sreeraag Mohan T, Darshan Regi Kalathil, R Rajaganapathy Sankar), ISD Talent Knights (Mithun Prasad, Collins Jacob, Kelisto Chalissery) and ISWK iQuiz (Krishna Kamath, Lolith Lohidhakshan, Mohammed Suhail P M) providing exhilarating moments for the quiz.

Electrifying touches

Whether it was the rounds ‘first frontiers’ or ‘snap shots’ or the ‘final countdown’, the quizmaster, the school team members, and the audiences lent electrifying touches to the action.

Lauding the school teams for their participation, Giri said, “Hats off to their nerves and talent. It is not easy for the school children to perform with a 5,000 audience watching them.”

Before the start of the mega finals where the two school team toppers competed with the six open teams, a short film marking 15 years of Times of Oman Open Quiz Contest (TOOOQC) was screened.

At the mega finals, the open quiz teams— Know Brainers(Sujatha Ashok, R S Sumanth, Raji Sumanth), Three D (Armstrong Jeyakumar, Sangeetha Sridhar, Dr Rajan Philips), TBTF (Nitin Aravind, Roshan Kamath, Namrata Sheshadri), Mostly Clueless (Dr Anupam Kakaria, Shafeek M K, Shaheen Jamil), Questionable Characters (Rohini Dinesh, Sushmita Gupta, Udayan Gupta) and Roaring 40s (Sridhar Babu, Jacob Chandy, Harish Bilgi), ISG Sreeraag Mohan and team and ISM Quizzing ISMiites, provided impressive touches by cracking some very difficult questions.

The many rounds — including ‘global update’, ‘global vision’, ‘global crosswords’, ‘global connections’, ‘global preferences’ — had interesting oral and visual questions.

Most questions for the quiz were taken straight from the Times of Oman newspaper published last year and the round “global crosswords” had segments named after sections appearing in Times such as Extra, Entertainment, Market, Connect, Mind Games, and Commentary among others.

For the first time in a quiz in Muscat in the round ‘global preferences’, each team was quizzed on their preferences based on a form the teams had filled up during the prelims. Giri’s team in India worked on the questions once they received the filled in forms from the teams. The questions to each team were on what the teams like in life. In 45 seconds, they had to answer five questions on their subjects of preference.

Pickbrain kept the audience entertained by passing the unanswered questions from teams to them and also hurling special questions at them. Correct answers were followed by many gifts. From the grade four ISM student Ankith to seasoned quizzers like Murali R, they cracked tough questions to win some fabulous prizes.

The audiences answered five multiple choice questions via SMS to take home interesting gifts.

The quiz proved that one should always keep one’s quest for knowledge alive.

“Since the start of Times Quiz, I have seen so many new faces putting above average efforts to make it to the finals and win. It is a fabulous event,” said Riyas, country manager of Sea Pearls.

Source: Champions ‘Know Brainers’ knew it all.

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Cognicioun 2010

Quiz Name: COGNICIOUN 2010

Host: BIMTECH, Greater Noida

Date:5th december 2010

Venue: BIMTECH, greater noida

QM: Giri Balasubramniam (Pickbrain)

Open To: B- School and Corporates

Official Site: http://www.bimtechqcb.com

Contact: cognicioun2010@gmail.com

Raghav Agarwal – +919650199166

Tata Crucible 2010 – Kochi Edition

Anil Raghavan shares questions from the Kochi Edition of Tata Crucible 2010.

WINNER: Malayala Manorama – Arun Thomas Abraham and Ranjit K Wilson
RUNNER UP: Kraft Labs – Arun A S and Shibin Azad

1)Rene lacoste brand origin-funda on lacoste played like____ which led to brand name
2)In 1820 jean jacques perot found a product based on joiners plane/razor blade
3)computer programmers writing pages of coding earlier days invented something when they went back to terminal/login
4)John cover inspired to create this product on crowd control/stun gun
5)Marcus fernandez in 2009 invented something small,powerful,ferocious/mongoose bat
6)book cover of bill quinn ‘how — is destroying america/walmart
7)visuals of eiffel/samuelson
8) visual of cartoon promoting amaron batteries
9)kevin gilbertson from unicycle got the idea for-url shortening
10)0vetri park/by tatas–tower parking system
11)chennai superkings/sponsors/connect question
12)pic of dhoni/sakshi talwar serial/fresenius kabi-dabur(audience prize for yrs truly)
13)hero of alexandria created the first model for vending machine to dispense what/holy water
14)ipc292/milken test/hicklin test/detect pornography
15)wink&store /started by dc books
16)charles lachman gave rise to which brand/revlon
17)pic of gandhi/sukumar azhikode&song in the background/promoters of khadi17)t600,t800,t1000–terminator series

Tata Crucible 2009: UK Edition

Quiz: Tata Crucible UK 2009

Flavour: Business Quiz

Date: 22nd November 2009

Venue: The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London

Quizmaster: Giri Pickbrain Balasubramaniam

Official Site: http://www.shobiziems.com/tatacrucibleuk2009/

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TCS IT Wiz 2009: Coimbatore- Review and Questions

Akash Lodha and Hiren Barai of St Jude’s Public School, Kotagiri, in the Nilgiris district were the winners of the TCS IT Wiz 2009 quiz held at Coimbatore on Nov 10th.Sibhi Kumaran and Gowthem Nachimuthu of SBOA Matric and Higher Secondary School of Coimbatore were the runners-up.

Following are some questions from the prelims. Courtesy: Sibhi from SBOA Matric School. Thanks a lot!

1) Picture of N.Chandrasekaran
2) Creeper detected first on ARPANET .What is it?-VIRUS
3) Infopath,Groove,OneNote are from?MS OFFICE
4) AutoCAD is a product from which company? AUTO DESK
5) Picture of Steve ballmer
6) What are ‘And ,or,not’ called? LOGIC GATES
7) Logo of Skype
8) UNIVAC abbreivation
9) Whom did carol bartz replace at Yahoo? JERRY YANG
10) Which operator launched 3G first in India? MTNL
11) Jack dorsey? TWITTER
12) Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce? INTEL

Sample Questions, Database Questions and Questions from other cities available here

TCS IT Wiz 2009: Delhi – Review and Questions

The Delhi edition of the quiz shattered all previous records of the quiz with 909 teams from over 100 schools taking part in the contest. For the first time in the history of the quiz two prelims were held to accommodate all the teams. It was a complete blockbuster.
The final was extremely exciting with the action moving right till the last minute. In the final round the young duo from New Era English School got cracking on the buzzer to move into the third position with all the other teams finishing joint fourth. Sardar Patel settled for the runner up spot and DPS Noida keeping a very close watch on the scores, took no undue risks to ensure they won the title they just missed a year ago.

Questions below, Courtesy: Shadow Line

TCS IT Wiz 2009: Bhubaneshwar- Review and Questions

DAV Pokhariput – Aurojyoti Das & Ambarish Sarangi won the quiz followed by Rajendra Vidyalaya – Anurag Ranjak & Arnab Ghosh. It was a high voltage quiz with 4 teams having an open chance to win the quiz till the last question.

Find below the prelim questions:

1) Which product is Aamir Khan associated with?
Tata Sky

2) The producer of TCP/IP is now working with google. Name him?
Vinton Cerf

3)Idenitfy the ceo of xerox (picture question)?
Anne Mulcahy

4) Which company gave the defination of java J2EEE environment?
Sun microsystems

5) Who gave the idea of one laptop per child?
Nicholas Negroponte

6) Name the country which uses .gb?
Great Britain or UK

7) Which was the world’s first GUI browser developed by Marc Anderseen?
Mosaic or Netscape

8) Which company’s name is Lucky Goldstar?L.G

9) Identify the chairman of AMD (Picture question)?
Hector Ruiz

10) The aspire and travelmate series of laptops are from which company?

11) Identify the logo of Skype (Pic Question)?

12) iPhone is associated with which company?

13) Akio Morita can be associated with which company?

14) What is the shortcut for italic letters in MS Word?
Ctrl + I

15) Identify this game? Dave

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TCS IT Wiz 2009: Kochi Edition Questions

Roshan George, the winner of the Kochi Edition has shared the complete Kochi prelims. Hope people will share the final questions too. Thank you, Roshan..

1)first eport in India? (Cochin Port)

2)E.go range of laptops from which company? (Wipro)

3) Logo of NCR shown

4)logo of MS silverlight shown

5) picture of transformers

6) facebook founders named and asked wat they found

7) Expand VAN

8) Twitter founders picture shown

9) Saif ali khan and soha ali khan are brand ambassadors of what? (Lenovo)

10) Pic of S ramadorai and n chandrashekhar shown, and asked who is sitting next to ramadorai

11) About the founding of windows! where the guy had to convince his boss that windows was a beter name!

12)opteron and athlon and processors from? (AMD)

13)expand LED (Light Emitting Diode)

14) Expansion of PERL was given and asked wat it was

15) Description of sibling node – and asked wat it was

16) BING is search engine from ? (Microsoft)

17) do the new – which gsm provider’s slogan (Tata Docomo)

18) .in – India…… .lk — ? (Sri Lanka)

19) Akio morita and masaru ibuka are founders of which electronics giant company? (Sony)

20) Joshua blue is a project of which company? (IBM)

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BIMQuest @ Crescita '09


Flavour: Business Quiz

Part of: Crescita ’09

Host: BIM,Trichy

Quizmaster: Giri Pickbrain

Date: 1st Nov 2009

Venue: The Accord Metropolitan, Chennai

Open to: Corporates (No Mixed teams allowed)

More details: http://crescita.in/Portals/0/docfiles/bimquest_brochure.pdf

BIMQuest @ Crescita ’09


Flavour: Business Quiz

Part of: Crescita ’09

Host: BIM,Trichy

Quizmaster: Giri Pickbrain

Date: 1st Nov 2009

Venue: The Accord Metropolitan, Chennai

Open to: Corporates (No Mixed teams allowed)

More details: http://crescita.in/Portals/0/docfiles/bimquest_brochure.pdf

Tata Crucible Corporate 2009

Yet again, Quintessential Theory is the first to bring you the official dates of the Tata Crucible. Even before the official website.


(This is also to note that Quintessential Theory is now on a very attractive domain name: http://quizzing.in )

An 18 city extravaganza this time around, Crucible will see Patna and Ranchi added as the new venues.

We will try and cover as many cities as possible, for the now over 20,000 unique visitors. if you want to help by sending in reviews/questions/preparation material or just anything regarding the Crucible, leave a comment or shoot a mail to quizzing.in@gmail.com

Please find the oficial dates and details here

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ET in the Classroom 2008

A day after Quintessential Theory’s (with Quizkrieg) announcement of the ET in the Classroom (now being called ET in Campus) 2008 , the official schedule has been circulated.

The dates and venues are as follows ( All quizzes to be held at 2 pm)

18 Feb : Chennai– Winners: LIBA

19 Feb : Trichy – Winners: Sastra University

20 Feb: Coimbatore– Winners: PSGIM

21 Feb: Cochin– Winners: GEC, Thrissur

03 Mar: Bangalore- Winners: ICFAI Business School

The Quizmaster as usual will be Pickbrain